Test Drive Unlimited 2 First Images

Brand new screenshots appear to have been leaked from the upcoming racing game.

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ottoenie4531d ago

if this is true, then i am soo happy! lol, i still remember playing part 1 die hard, lol, that game was (still is) awesome! and i will play this one just as much!

RJ920094531d ago

i loved the first played it on my 360 all the time i hope the new one's on the ps3 this time

spunnups4531d ago

i wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't. developers complain about the ps3 architecture and they love to go the cheap route with games on the wii and 360.

they're lazy and scared of DA CeLL!!

Dark General4531d ago

Hahahaha you creating havoc already Spun?

Test Drive is actually the only racing series i ever liked. More arcade like than driving simulator.

spunnups4531d ago

lmao people don't like to hear the truth. honestly i loved the first one but more and more developers are being lame so i tell em GO SCREW! by not buying their SH1T

Dark General4531d ago

*Laughs* I hear you man but if i'm not mistaken Test Drive Ulimated came out before the Ps3 even launched. I know there was a 360 and Ps2 version of the game though. I'm pretty sure they will probably put out TDU2 on Ps3 and 360. I'm not so sure on the Wii but probably that as well.

I hope they still have racing for pink slips.

spunnups4531d ago

lol your probably right. look at all the disagrees i lovei t!!! ahhhh!!!!

Dark General4531d ago

Hahahaha i see you love starting sh** on here as well. You picking up Killzone 2 tomorrow?

spunnups4531d ago

hell yeah, KZ2 is gonna be the primary game i play for the next 10 years


to be fare, if i remember right, it came out on the ps2 as well or it was going to.

but ya, i liked the first one a lot, although personally i wish it was more sim then arcade. I liked the pgr balance myself, if they could get the driving mechanics on par with say pgr2 ( pgr 3 and 4 were not as good) and up the graphics on the open world, it would just be the perfect racer for me. the whole concept though was very good and what ever they do with it, i look forward to this one.

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hotrider124531d ago

I really hope this game comes to ps3 as well be for shame if it did'nt

hotrider124531d ago

why the heck did I get 2 disagree for saying wish it was coming to ps3??

ParanoidMonkey4531d ago

The first TDU is my favorite racing game ever. Can't wait for this.

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The story is too old to be commented.