Xbox 360 : a new price cut in Europe

There's a new special offer by Microsoft Games for Europe (France, Belgium...). You can get a 40 Euros ($51) discount on every Premium or Elite bundle from February 27th till May. That's not all! Buy a wireless controller in the same time and you'll get a 50 Euros ($63) discount! Microsoft hopes to counter Sony, its enemy in the merciless virtual war thanks to this unique offer.

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Zeus Lee3523d ago

How much lower can they go?

kazuma3523d ago

"From 27th february..."

someone's getting desperate :)

HDDVD183523d ago

yep after KZ2 release

x360 will have to come up with something as good as KZ2 to bring in some attention ..especially since PS3 beats it even at almost thrice the price

so price cut wont stop kz2 stampede

randomwiz3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

In my opinion Killzone 2 is not really going to lure as many people as god of war 3 will. Mainly because it hasn't been proven on any other system. Its like Gears of War. People are not going to buy the console for Gears of War when they never played the series anywhere else.

Anyway, back to the first post, they can't reduce the price on arcade system unless the hardware gets cheaper.

Death3523d ago

The price differance between a Pro and Elite is £100 and £50 less than a PS3. I would hardly call that three times less when a PS3 retails for £280.


XxZxX3522d ago

they gonna throw in the kitchen sink pretty soon.

pippoppow3522d ago

Ever since KZ2's release date was announced MS has done just about as much as can be done to counter act it. Just wait till GOW3 releases. MS may have to make XBL free, have at least 10 games release around the same time, $50 rebate and a top game bundled with arcade sku. Sony seems to be going about their business and MS is like a paranoid miser dreadfully scared.

lalalala3522d ago

@randomwiz - Actually God of War 3 is more of a niche market, Killzone 2 has a much higher chance of bringing in new gamers. God of War 3 will bring in the fans of the series, which I'm pretty sure will already have PS3s.

On topic- Although this does show some desperation from MS, atleast they are trying to do something. I have a feeling though that they are incurring massive losses on this cut.

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andron3523d ago

I wouldn't spend an money on a 360. Only way I would get one is if I got one for free.

And then I would only accept it so I could sell it and use the money on something worth my time. True story...

maniacmayhem3523d ago

That comment was thought provoking and thrilling all at the same time.
Thank you for that.

gameplayer3523d ago

Andron666 Translation: I am a fanboy, not a gamer. True story.

I'm sorry, if someone gave me a ps3, 360 or wii for free, I would take it and enjoy the games moreso because of it.

Snatcher3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

Spoken like a true PS3 fanboy.

Fanboys are all wussies who cant afford the other consoles, so they need to bash them or make fun of them. Pathetic.

Sad, but true story.

Why are people disagreeing with gameplayer? You are disagreeing with a gamer, but you are agreeing with a fanboy(Andron666). Nice people, way to go. Why does he have so many bubbles also? Hm, what does this mean actually? Multi-accounts or this site is full of PS3 fanboys.

pippoppow3522d ago

If I recieved a free 360 I would probably sell it as well. I don't like how they swindeled consumers into buying a defective product, yes many didn't know at first and still don't know. Also I'm not supporting pay to play which I find absurd. My only problem with any console is with the 360 for the reasons stated. As potential paying customer they have lost me and many others due to their business policies and practices. Yes they have good games and their service is good but their many glaring negatives leave me repulsed.

andron3522d ago

It really isn't free. You would have to buy the games and pay to play online.

I would keep a free Wii though. But I have just so much time and money, so I will keep to one console for now...

paul-p19883522d ago

That comments wrong, not everyone wants all 3 consoles in the generation, and plenty do not want the 360 coz of its hardware problems. I bought a PS3 and its the only one im gonna buy, it has exactly what i need from a console and more, and with a less than 1% failure rate theres a dam good chance it will last the 10yrs sony want it to. If i really wanted to, i can play a Wii, my mum has one, and as much as i wouldnt have it as a main console (or buy my own), its fun none-the-less.

The 360 on the other hand... you're lucky if its alive when you first pull it out of the box. I actually had to explain all the failures of M$ to my girlfriends brother, as he got one for CHRISTMAS that was DEAD ON ARRIVAL!! talk about a kick in the teeth!

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Narutone663523d ago

they start giving it out for free.

HDDVD183523d ago

especially after KZ2's release x360 will be a lost case in europe
we will wait and see what Yakuza 3/re5 and ff13 demo does to ps3 sales in Japan

theKiller3522d ago

LOL, but so true, this is so desperate move, every time sony have something scary they go and reduce the prices of 360 and throw away their DLC exclusive downloads or their average games.

u can bet that when ps3 cut its price to 299USD MS will make this 50USD not only for europe but also world wide with 2 free games!!!

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Chobits3523d ago

Loolz nothing to counter the kz2 but with a price cut how about put out a big game? to compete with it
oh ya i forgot there is nothing this year for bots but dlc and some multiplats to keep them going.

Arnon3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

There's already a ton of titles that are confirmed for 2009 and have exact release dates for the 360. How many have release dates on the PS3?

GTA IV: The Lost & Damned
Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Race Pro
Halo Wars
Halo 3: ODST
Ninja Blade

Then you can move onto titles that are expected to be released this year:

Splinter Cell ConViction
Forza Motorsport 3
Alan Wake
Mass Effect 2
Lost Planet 2

Then you have multi-platform titles, which will most likely succeed on the 360:

Resident Evil 5

Both have titles that cater to all genres.

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