BlackBerry Ad Shows How Much RIM Hates Apple

Research In Motion is shooting their blackberries at Apple's apples. Literally. Too bad their Storm's touch screen actually sucks, no matter how many phony prizes they get.

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Elven63547d ago

With good reason, when Google and Apple threw their hats into the ring it off threw the balance, Palm was even forced to leave the business because of the competition in the smartphone market.

Although its good the iPhone got other companies, specifically Windows Mobile hardware manufacturer's to step up their game which is always a good thing.

The Lazy One3547d ago

you can still get palms I thought.

Lord Anubis3547d ago

eh, they are dropping the palm OS and they are moving to what they call the WebOS which is what the pre uses.

I think we are dependent too much on the cloud.

The Lazy One3547d ago

palm is still making palms, they are just using a different os?

sorry just confused.

ruiner44823547d ago

Yeah Palm is still in the cell market. I have a the Treo 800w but it now uses windows mobile os. I don't know if all their phones use winmo now or not.

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Kyur4ThePain3547d ago

Unfortunately, it is also the world's worst touch screen blackberry.