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"While entrenched in the first third of Killzone 2's campaign a simple yet profound conclusion smacked me in the face. No matter the circumstances or gallons of blood spilled, every violent skirmish in a long string of skirmishes felt like a multiplayer round between two distinct teams donning similar attire. In other words, if Killzone 2's multiplayer is the chicken and campaign is the egg, Guerilla Games is quite clear on which came first."

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Zeus Lee3617d ago

Metacritic,are you going to add this positive Killzone 2 review from a credible source?

SL1M DADDY3616d ago

Metacritic is a pathetic excuse for a collective ratings site. But I think I am preaching to the choir saying that.

Bazookajoe_833617d ago

It is so awesome!!!! Takes awhile to get use to the controller, but when you do it´s the best mp experience ever..

Mc1873617d ago

Coming from you joe, I hope to see you online soon.

HDAddicts3616d ago

The HD Room is a great site. Dan has had some great reviews. Can't wait to play KZ2 tomorrow.

Dark General3616d ago

I definitely agree but i like reading Blu-Ray reviews more.

Queers of War3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

Enough tears jealous bot, just hang yourself already.

BLUR1113616d ago

you should do the same troll

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