Watch PS3 run Starcraft (with help from Linux & Windows)

Joystiq: "With the PS3's ability to allow you to install your own OS, tech junkies have been tinkering with the console's potential since its launch a few Novembers back. There is one thing we haven't seen yet, though -- and that's a PS3 running Starcraft!

Accomplished through the use of Windows 95, with Qemu and Yellow Dog Linux, you too can can crush Zerg scum with the Protoss on your PS3. (Just don't think you're going to get Crysis to run on the thing.) Linux and Qemu really hog the Cell processor, so a low-end game like Starcraft is as stable as it gets. Zerg rush past the break to watch the video."

Video after the jump...

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RememberThe3573523d ago

Watching this take me back. This was the game that got me into gaming.

TomMcBaum3523d ago

Even with the latest 6.1 version of Yellow Dog (which is pretty cool, in that allows access to the "other" 256MB bank of RAM!), performance is still hampered by the limited RAM available, it seems. And, of course, I wish the GPU could be accessed. Still, the ability to add a big external hard drive, swap out the internal hard drive for a different one, and do stuff like this is part of the reason why I chose a PS3 in the first place. That, and awesome games, of course.

lokiroo4203523d ago

I wish full access was given so that a ps2 emulator could be developed independently, that way all ps3's can be BC.