Playstation Dualshock Vortex Concept

A concept for a twisting controller.

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Somnus3521d ago

I actually like it. The current DualShock is great but it's nice to see a concept that I think could potentially rival it. It obviously needs some finishing touches though.

Major_Tom3521d ago

it would be interesting to see the left analog stick flip around to position on the D-pad.

PotNoodle3521d ago


It would be interesting to look at, but i wouldn't want it actually redesigned to be like that.


Yup, my thumbs ARE symetrical (lol, actually, they aren't, since I have a heavier hypermobility/double-jointedne ss on the right hand if compared to the left, but I just play it symetrically) and I also prefer they don't go the 360 way (an almost perfec controller if it wasn't for that feature).

Actually, Xbox/360 controller don't have unsymetrical thumbsticks for ergonometrics, they have it because the middle/upper face of the controler was always a place to put the main buttons, well, for some time now, the thumbstick is way more used than the d-pad (except for some genres). I think the idea was good, but they should have moved the other thumbstick or have leaved both alone.

On-topic now, it really need way more testing and finishing touch. The d-pad looks worse than the Dual Shock ones. Why those sharp corners near the shoulder buttons? Wouldn't be more hand fitting if those buttons actually were put just over that curved upper surface? And definetly, Sony should not be afraid of changing or copying, 360 has a great grip feel, it fills your hand, something in those lines (with some ventilation through) would be amizing. And, more important, twisting it would have some function? I don't necessarily mean an input (althrough it could be used someway) but there is any reason to twist a controller? (not trying to be a [email protected], just asking)

And by the looks of it, I don't think it's just some twistable controller, maybe that is the breakable controller we heard so much about last year?


its down to personal preference i would say...

the same thing you are complaining about in the 360 is the same reason i love the 360 pad and don't like the ps3 pad.

The only thing i don't like about the ps3 pad is the thumb stick layout. its the only thing i would change about it if i had the choice.

at the same time i would change the dpad on the 360 controller, but i would not change its location on the pad. still at the same time i accept that some people like the positions of the ps3 sticks more.

best thing really is to have something like this that gives players the option to have both.

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OGharryjoysticks3521d ago

And what system was that controller for?

Somnus3521d ago

NeGcon and for Playstation.

RememberThe3573521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Nice memory.

Bnet3433521d ago

All he had to do was JFGI.

DelbertGrady3521d ago

NegCon is a last last gen controller :P

CrazyJ3521d ago

Only way to play Wipeout IMO. I loved it so much I tried to plug my NeGcon into my PS3 when the new Wipeout HD came out but no joy. I would love to see this controller make a comeback.

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RememberThe3573521d ago

Because a controller that twists doesn't seems to have much use.

krouse933521d ago

It could be used as a throttle for racing games.

CrazyJ3521d ago

Actually twisting would be used for steering in racing games. Twisting is more precise than using a stick and quick precise correction maneuvers are easy to pull off. Granturismo 1 and 2 supported the NeGcon which was the best way to play them if you didn't have a steering wheel. The only drawback to twist steering is not everybody finds it intuitive ie they usually mix up turning left for turning right. The only addition I'd like to see to this prototype controller is a scroll wheel. Not exactly sure where they'd put it but I'm sure they could fit it somewhere.

Major_Tom3521d ago

A PS3 controller shaped something like the Xbox 360 would be great, or at least the position of the analog sticks would be.

Can't wait for this.

Dimitri3521d ago

Its a matter of getting used to something.

Major_Tom3521d ago

I'm really accustomed to the Dualshock it's awesome but change is a good thing.

PimplePopperMD3521d ago

move the analog stick to a normal position.

Max Power3521d ago

that is a normal position for a PS controller...Oh i see what you were doing, crafty. /sarcasm

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