Edge: The Social Network Treasure Trove

Edge writes: "Facebook game developer Playfish only launched its first game, Who Has The Biggest Brain?, just before Christmas 2007. But it has already generated 43m users across its six Flash-based casual games, with 21m playing within the last month.

As one of Facebook's most popular app makers, Playfish shows how Facebook can be a gaming platform – and one that's already, in terms of popularity,leaving Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo in its dust. Investors including Atari CEO David Gardner have put a total of $21m (£14.7m) into the company, and with the average player spending 30 minutes with a Playfish game every day, generating between 15 cents and $1 each per month in revenue, its ventures seem astute indeed. We met with CEO Kristian Segerstrale in the company's London studio to talk about the brave new frontier he's been exploring."

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