GDC: What Makes Game Publishers Mad?

What beef do publishers have that they are burning to tell game developers about? At the annual Game Developers Conference rant session, this year dubbed "Burning Mad: Game Publishers Rant," five executives from the publishing side of the industry were given opportunity to speak out about any topic they feel impassioned about in the world of games--primarily, whatever most ticks them off.

Aside from guest speaker and developer Chris Hecker, there was not a red face on the panel, only calm or mildly excited expressions. Still, a few panelists, particularly Alex St. John (CEO and founder of Wild Tangent) who berated Microsoft for its poor practices in handling games on Vista, and Lee Jacobson (vice president of business and acquisitions at Midway Games), saw fit to truly air their grievances about the industry.

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level 3604635d ago

Now we all know why games ( a lot of good ones ) which should have been in the market never got to be released, as well as the really bad ones that got in their, because of budget constraints. *_*