Demand for three-core Phenoms II on the rise

Fudzilla: "Following fourth core unlock reports.

Demand for AMD three-core Phenom II chips is on the rise, following reports that the fourth core on many units can be activated after fiddling with some bios settings."

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Old_School_Gamer3519d ago

There is no need to buy a 3 core processor for 160 bucks when you can buy a 2.9 ghz dual core for 70. You can overclock any processor especially an amd 5600 to 3.5 ghz or better with the right cooling solution. 3 cores might get a better score with vista but it makes no big deal if you use your rig strictly for gaming. . Dont believe me? There is the link.

Major_Tom3518d ago

People should opt for quad-core now anyway.

PR0NE3518d ago

quad-core is core 2 duo duo, [core-core]-[core-core] so it's not real four cores CPU, three-core Phenom is core-core-core which in theory should have been better than quad-core but the quality of AMD products wasn't quite too good recently, so until the real next-gen multiple core CPU comes, i'll stick to my high end core 2 duo CPU, well it shouldn't take too long seeing how fast technology moves.

DarkArcani3518d ago

The last time I knew the 3core Phenoms started off as quads. A certain percentage of them had only 3 functioning cores. So instead of recycling those malfunctions, AMD sold those for less and put them in laptops since they use less power than the quads.

I could be wrong though.

Old_School_Gamer3518d ago

Im a pc gamer, and quad cores are not mainstream when it comes requirements for pcs. As a matter of fact, their has actually been issues related to gamers having quad cores and it actually being a problem with some pc games. I know things should get better real soon, but I would say that quad cores will be mandatory in about 2 years or more. All you need is a high end dual core and you should be fine even 3 or 4 years from now. Waiting will be beneficial to anyone who wants a quad core anyways. They will be far cheaper in the future.