New Crysis 'Special Effects' Trailer from GDC has a new Crysis Trailer that showcases impressive special effects in the game. Enjoy.

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Antan4642d ago

The Nuke at the end was just the most amazing thing ive ever seen, and ive seen amazing things!

CompGeek4642d ago

Consoles who? Anyone who still wants to rant that they could do this on a console has no idea how hardware works.

eques judicii4642d ago

this game will make me build another pc and probably stop playing 360.... if it is supported through games for windows and has achievements that would be even better!

WhEeLz4642d ago

looks like i have to ugrade my comp so i can get this game....

emptiness4642d ago

whatever! you can tell it's all just video of real life! especially the part where the nuke blows away all that heavy junk but seems to leave the soldier standing and walking :P

that engine is sweet! you think it'll port to the Wii? lol.

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