'Dead Space Extraction' For Wii Is A 'Guided First Person Experience,' Producer Says

The acclaimed "Dead Space" series is coming to the Wii later this year, in the form of "Dead Space Extraction." In an e-mail interview, the game's executive producer has revealed a ton details to MTV Multiplayer about the game's story, controls and more.

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Product3523d ago

knew there would be multi paths.
great news that second player can co-op at anytime in the story mode

GFahim3523d ago

if this game is ANYTHING like killer 7 then its absolutely fine.

i also hope the co op is online.

SinnedNogara3520d ago

I must disagree. When I played Killer 7 I got stuck and hated the game. Well, opinions are opinions. Personally I hope it is like F.E.A.R or a normal FPS game. Rail-shooting is OK, but it shouldn't be the main game. It should be small minigames, like you travel down a large wire and shoot things while the game takes you down the wire. Similar to the shooting in Disaster: Day of Crisis.

TriforceLightning3523d ago

Now that the graphics are taken care of EA can now give us gameplay that is equal.

ChaoticStupid3523d ago

Game sounds better every time they talk about it. I enjoy rail shooters myself so I was actually happy with the Dead Space announcement. I mean what reason would I have to buy the same game twice?

ChickeyCantor3522d ago

No EA its called an On-rail shooter...don't try to spin it >=(.

Product3522d ago

if this game is more Killer 7 then HotD im fine with that.