Check your PS3 Trophies by iPhone with new app

UIEvolution, the global leader of digital multimedia publishing software, today announces the iPhone release of Unofficial PS3 Trophy Guide, a comprehensive guide for achievement games on the Sony PlayStation 3. The iPhone title is offered at no cost supplemented with advertising, providing gamers with a free, comprehensive trophy guide. No more searching the internet for clues to raise gamer-status and earn bragging rights, it's all conveniently in the palm of your hand. PS3 Trophy Guide utilizes UIEvolution's industry leading technology platform for an exciting and comprehensive application experience on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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butterfinger3547d ago

I just downloaded this on my iPhone, and all it tells you is exactly what is under the description for the trophy on the PS3. I checked COD:[email protected], KZ2, Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, and SFIV for this and that's what I found. There was a trailer for KZ2, and links to the games' official websites, but that's it. Until they add actual guides, I won't be impressed. Console Monster's guide was just as good, and that covered achievements as well. I was just hoping for a handheld guide so that I don't need to always have my Macbook with me if I want to use a guide.