GDC 2007: Q Hints at Big Sequels

At the Palomar Hotel in San Francisco today, Q Entertainment's Tetsuya Mizuguchi, happy, hungover, and ready to show off his new Xbox Live Arcade game, "E4" (Every Extend Extend Extreme), not so subtlely hinted at two major games he is likely to bring back from their glorious past.

"If I were to make another Rez, then I would want to have a high-def, high-end visual and audio experience to produce it," said Mizuguchi. "If I make it," he added with a smile. When asked if he might produce games on Nintendo's Wii, Mizuguchi remained focused. "And if I were to make another Space Channel 5, that game should have a high-end audio and visual experience, too. If I make it."

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