MTV: Our 'SOCOM' Expert Finds New 'SOCOM' Lacking

MTV Multiplayer intern Sal Basile just got his PS3, and as a huge "SOCOM" fan (he started the now-defunct, MTV Multiplayer decided to let him sound off since he was finally able to play "SOCOM: Confrontation." But after waiting so long, he was met with disappointment.

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HighDefinition3522d ago

Then I started to hate it, there is waaaaay to much swimming going on in elim matches. I really wish Zipper did it, oh well MAG will be the REAL Socom.

Blademask3522d ago

"“SOCOM: Confrontation” takes on a “Resident Evil 4″-like camera, providing players with plenty of blind spots due to the character’s head being in the left or right (you can switch the camera’s sides on the fly) upper corners of the screen. The character’s body hides the rest of the side it’s located on leaving only the opposite side of the screen visible. This camera style has no place in the fast-paced world of online gaming. "

Switch it to classic camera, and it goes back to the classic socom view. It only goes to shoulders when you zoom in a level.(If you're having that issue)

The entire game is still 100% garbage.

Pennywise3522d ago

For the $10.00 I paid for the game, its okay.... but it is very lacking.

Delta3522d ago

their opinions don't count.

Fatal Blow3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

The only reason i would by this game is because of the ps3 bluetooth that comes with the game and its £28.99 where as the ps3 bluethooth is alone £21.48 on shopto but i had high hope's of this game alone tho but failed then again they had to much work into mag game that's gonna blow us away with 256 players

and am sure for £7.51 u can't complane

brycespitler3522d ago

those bastards at MTV need to stop worrying about games and put some goddamn music videos back on their channel


not game review tv or lame reality show with spoiled rich kids channel.

god i miss the old days of mtv

but to the point of article

is socom really that bad to everyone

i loved the first one

lokiroo4203522d ago

I want my, I want my, I want my MTV!

Reshun3522d ago

I wish Zipper took the project as well instead of Slant 6.

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