GDC 2007: Mass Effect Out in June?

Bioware gave its biggest hint yet today on the release date of Mass Effect when it told IGN the extraordinary-looking RPG wouldn't show up at this year's E3.

"That event is in July, right?" asked Dr. Ray Muzyka. "Well, Mass Effect won't appear at this year's E3."

Since Bioware is in the polishing, tweaking and balancing stages of Mass Effect, it's likely the original RPG will ship before the event, in either June or early July.

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Havince4267d ago

would make sense this if they say it ISNT going to be showing an appearance

THAMMER14267d ago

I'll be glued to my 360 until I get all the achievements. This game will be awesome.

Grown Folks Talk4267d ago

as of right now, the end of may.

PS360PCROCKS4267d ago

Awesome! A game for the summer time after Forza

gogators4267d ago

give me a little time to master Forza fully and then bring this game out. I hope they don't overlap too much.

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