Everyday Playstation: Will 3-D Gaming Ever Take Off?

Everyday Playstation: "With the recent announcement of a playable 4-D Killzone 2 gameplay segment, one must begin to think about the upcoming onslaught of 3-D games. But questions must be asked: Will 3-D games ever take off? Or perhaps more important, are gamers ready for 3-D games?"

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Major_Tom3546d ago

I think it will, it's already happening with movies. Real3D is already a deterrent for pirating, encouraging the individual to see the movie in theatres.

edgeofblade3546d ago

3D gaming, for the large part, misses the point. Popping out of the screen is a nice gimmick, but it's too easily one-upped by more significant tech, like Augmented Reality. The age of 3D glasses has come and gone... and that's coming from someone who has a nice shutterglass rig for his PC.

Until displays can generate unassisted 3D images, it's not worth the trouble.

Major_Tom3546d ago

I disagree, it's like going to a large theatre to watch a 3D movie. I have a high-end rig and I'm going to be upgrading it in the summer to play Left4Dead in 3D. The new technology for 3D looks awesome and promising, of course improvements will come over time and eventually unassisted 3D will develop, but for now I'm definitely going to enjoy myself.

Vip3r3546d ago

I really hope 3D gaming becomes a reality. Would be cool.