New Diablo 3 Screenshots

Three new screenshots to Blizzard's Diablo 3 have just been posted by

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Leord4618d ago

The Unburied is really crewl looking.

kuangtu4618d ago

I hope that D3 has a short waiting time.

SCFreelancer4618d ago

At least balance should not be an issue as much as it is now with Starcraft 2 :)

Dorjan4618d ago

Some Diii news? I totally forgot about this game because of starcraft!

Leord4618d ago

Could also have been the fact that they haven't RELEASED any info in BLOODY AGES!

KillaManiac4618d ago

Can't wait to get this it wont be till 2010-2012.

user94220774618d ago

wow, looking good, can't wait for this to come out.

SCFreelancer4618d ago

It is always exciting to see a few new ones. Are these shots of a new dungeon as well?

Leord4618d ago

Doesn't look like it, I need to take a closer look...

SCFreelancer4618d ago

I did notice Fiend/Blink/Gloom/Familiar thingy. It seems to be back.

Leord4618d ago

Good spot there. Although I THINK I have seen it somewhere else. Possibly BlizzCon demo or something...

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The story is too old to be commented.