Metal Gear Online – SCENE Expansion Pack Trailer

As posted last week in the initial announcement of the Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion pack, PSBlog is now happy to present this trailer showing off of the awesome new maps, characters and items included in SCENE

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Socomer 19793524d ago

im a steady mgo player & i must have this. sorry to those that couldnt figure out password logins or dont have access to credit cards but ummm maybe 1 day.

Kaliumhest3524d ago

Wow that looks awesome. Can somebody expain to me how those special characters work? Are they active on any servers? Does anybody even use them?

drtxprt3524d ago

There is an option when hosting a room where you can enable and disable special characters during a regular match. You can specify which team gets which special characters or you can randomize the disbursement of the special characters.

Special characters being disabled is quite fun. I think Liquid Ocelot is the most fun so far, second being Meryl.

I heard that you can now enable all special characters with the next expansion, allowing not only Meryl, Johnny, Liquid and Mei Ling, but now Snake, MK.II, Raiden and Vamp. That should produce some rather interesting matches.

I can't wait!

And yes, for all of those who have been wondering but haven't tried it yourself, MGO is active and is incredibly fun as well as challenging. It is by far the most tactical shooter on the market.