Why The Playstation 3 Won't Match Playstation 2's Success

Being the successor to two of the most popular video game systems ever, the Playstation 3 has been a disappointment so far in terms of sales. Despite Sony's claims, it won't be able to outsell the Playstation 2.

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George Sears3520d ago

One of the things that really helped the PS2 into become the success that it was/is was the casual market. Sony obviously has lost the casual market compared to the dominance that they had last gen. Nintendo are the folks who have taken the casuals by storm and it seems that they are going to be the standard on the casual market for here on out depending on what stratedgy Sony does for there next console.

hitthegspot3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

So true. I just got a PS3 and now I have all three consoles. The PS3 is by far the slowest of the three. What is up with the load times? It's a good BR player. It loads a BR a little slower than the HD player I have, and it makes me think why is PS3 so slow? I'm still new to it so I will have to tinker some more with it. But the PS2 was and still is a good system. It's much faster than the PS3. LOL...

Disagree: It's ok if you disagree everyone has a right to their opinion, but at least post and let everyone know if you have all three consoles so you can compare the load times between the consoles.

OK Update...
PS3 - Transformers Blu-ray 50 sec load time from when you insert the disk.
XBOX360 - Transformers DVD 15 sec load time from when you insert the disk.

Big difference, but I'm willing to admit that BR looks soo much better, I was just pointing out the fact that it's slow. The games load a lot slower also.

CrayzeeCarl3520d ago

Are you sure you're using a PS3?!? O.o

nycredude3520d ago

Why don't you post a video showing that it takes 50 seconds to load the blu-ray? I can assure you it doesn't take that long in mine.

hitthegspot3520d ago

I have the 60GB unit. Which system are you using?

Cryos3520d ago

so, according to you, you "just" got a PS3, but you got a 60gb model? really? something doesn't smell right.

Anywhoo, back on topic.......

the PS3 hasn't reached the pricepoint for the casual market, so it's no suprise that they aren't buying it yet. When the price drops another 150-200, then I'd be worried if casuals don't flock to it. Right now, it's to soon to panic. Besides, casual gamers flock to whatever is cheap and now, which happens to be the wii.

In all honesty though, I don't think ANY console from this gen, (or possibly from future gens) will sell as well as the PS2 did. If you want to use that system as a measuring stick, all 3 systems are failing for one reason or another. The wii is the only one coming close, and their sales are slowing considerably.

Real Gambler3520d ago

Only about 5% of the bluray players are faster than the PS3. These are only the most recent one. Any bluray player review you will read, that are a couple of months old always finish with "Well, it's kind of fast, but it's not as fast as our reference system, the PS3"...

Maybe your PS3 is defective?

titntin3520d ago

@ hitthegspot - its actually one the fastest loading Bluray players around. comparing it with a dvd load time is frankly pretty stupid...

My megadrive and Snesslaoded games instantly - so what?
As a long time user of all three machienes you have to have some kind of angle if you make the kind of staemtnets you do, as its plainly simply not the case.

hitthegspot3520d ago

I got my PS3 on e-bay for $300. I wanted a 60GB and since it was about the same price as what I was expecting the 80GB to be in April, why wait. I'm sensing some hostility here. I was only saying that of the three systems it's has the longest load times for games and movies. As far as streaming it flies, no issues. I'm not bashing the PS3 I was just wondering if others with 2 or more are noticing the same long loads.

UnwanteDreamz3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Seriously I have great fun with my PS3 and that is all that matters to a gamer. I wish you people would get over sales and winners. Do you people have any idea how many are employed by Sony and MS to worry about this stuff. We should concern ourselves with games and let the pencil pushers worry about sales. Fake ass gamers get a marketing job or stfu with this bull.

I havent always done my gaming on the most popular system I still had fun. When will you realize you are not the stuff you own/buy. Bunch of mindless drones. 20 mil PS3 owners in the world means we should be able to relax and enjoy the games.

If sales equal quality then I suggest we all sell our consoles of choice and run out to buy a Wii with Wii Fit.

JustinSaneV23520d ago

@ hitthegspot:

You have to watch what you say about consoles around here (the PS3 in particular). The "dedicated" have a low tolerance for negative comments pointed towards their piece of plastic.

Danja3520d ago

does it matter ?? the PS3 has all these great games coming's selling 10X per year..

so if Sony keeps the PS3 relevant for 10 rs as they said while selling 10 mill a year thats 100 Million...hardly a failure...

Real Gambler3520d ago

But you said the PS3 was slower than your other HD player. Again, since it's only lately that some bluray players are faster than the PS3, you have to admit that people had the right to find that strange.

Then, you came back to say a dvd player is faster! Wow. If your dvd player take 15 seconds to load a dvd, it's also broken : ) I bought a $39 one for the kid room that load twice as fast!

Now, back to the actual article (which explain why PS3 owners may get jumpy a bit....)

"The PS3 won't sell because it's too high end: To get the full experience of the Playstation 3, gamers will need an HDTV and surround sound system."

Don't tell me it's not a stupid comment! It's a next gen console, and this guy is still thinking you should play it on a 15 inch SDTV???

Buttons3520d ago

Have you not considered that the fact that it's USED might be the reason?

CrazzyMan3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

It`s not going to change anything. How this is related to GAMING?

PS3 already matched PS2 success in getting every year many AMAZING games.
That`s all about what GAMER should care. =)

darthv723520d ago

Last time I saw a company supporting so many platforms at once was Sega. anyone remember when they were doing the genesis, cd, 32x, gamegear and saturn all around the same time in 95-96???

So many platforms and so little $$ made sega a bad situation. I am not saying sony is the next sega but they have to be thinking themselves if they really can do it. Granted the primary reason for keeping the ps2 alive is because it sells and the ps3 has not taken off (partly due to the fact the ps2 sells). Sony is competing against itself and until they see that in order to move forward the ps3 will remain the third place system in their stable (#1 ps2, #2 psp, #3 ps3).

Anyone remotely interested in gaming history will find the parallels of this gen to be something like the early 90's. Nintendo was raking in the big $$ from the NES and sega had all but given up on the master system in favor of the genesis/mega drive. Chipping away little by little at nintendo even to the point where a few companies faced breach of contract with nintendo to make games for the genesis (google sunsoft and the batman days).

Sega released their console ahead of the competition (snes) and gained quite a following and really held their own against the mighty nintendo. Fast forward to today and you can see how erie it is with MS playing the part of the "genesis" this gen. It is ms second system and is doing really well as compared to its former self. Same thing happened to sega. Genesis did exceptionally well against its former self (master system).

Sony has the ps2 which also kicked a$$ when compared to the ps1. In fact it is almost as if the 2nd gen console from every major party has been the best received. Nintendo would be the exception to that as the wii is their 5th (??) home console and is doing much better than anyone expected.

The way this gen plays out will definately play a role in sony and their plans to make a 4th console. The old phrase "3rd time is the charm" has not been so true for other companies (saturn, n64, atari 7800, etc) yet it could be true for sony. We all know that MS will go for round three but will it be better than their current round two?

SaiyanFury3520d ago

I don't know. My previous 60GB (now a 500GB) PS3 loads BDs quite fast. The PS3 sales wise, is on the same track as the PS2 and numbers can show that. As a gamer, I stopped caring about the sales of the PS3 and I'm more focused on the games coming. Lord knows there's a lot of them.

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Lfmesquite3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

And I pretty much agree. I don't think it will match the PS2, or win this gen. Right now, they need price cuts to compete with the 360 for the remainder of this gen.

But this gen is different also, the Wii is gonna win and it's the most pathetic console, infact real gamers don't even care about it.

I have no idea what will happen to Nintendo in the future, but I think eventually there casual market crap will wear out as people will get tired of waggle to the TV screen gimmick.

Mindboggle3520d ago

Yh I have a wii and it rarely gets used, it has some good mario and zelda games though and thats it, but ive completed them so I never use it. It has a bout 5 good games and thats it....

XxZxX3520d ago

No sh*t, PS2 has less worthy competitor as PS3. Wii, XBOX 360 all worthy competitor.

TABSF3520d ago

the ps1 and ps2 was popular because of modding, u get a good console and chip it and then get unlimited games for near nothing. same with xbox and now DS.

PC is best 255 Million active users

XxZxX3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

and get the worst experience of all platform. Ohh my driver conflict with this game, this EAX doesnt work on that game. No thanks, I'll just stick with consoles.

Conan9973520d ago

I hate PC gaming, nothing works with anything...atleast thats what I've come across. Nothing is backed up with retailers or the developers if its going to work. You'll mostly just get a another copy if it doesn't work and be out $40-50. I'm sticking with consoles.

Sarcasm3520d ago

I would say the Xbox was the most worthy of the competitors for the PS2. Built-in HDD, Xbox Live, better graphics, better hardware, arguably better controller.

But the one thing that the PS2 had over the Xbox was Software and price.

This generation is obviously completely different than any generation before thus it cant be compared to the last generation.

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Lfmesquite3520d ago

I want to say, Right now Sony needs to focus on bringing prices down!!, it's the only way they're gonna compete for market share and try to perserve the rest of this generation.

They aren't gonna compete with the Wii of course, but maybe they can break into 360's lead. Right now they aren't gaining on the 360, infact the 360 is widening thier lead.

I want to say this, but I've been saying this for the past 6 months and Sony just doesn't do anything, PS3 prices remain the same and 360 just keeps winning market share.

There's not much more to say.

CrayzeeCarl3520d ago

Sony knows they need to bring prices down, but they have come down from $600 to $400 in two years. That's quite a chunk, considering the system cost $840 to make at launch.

ukilnme3520d ago

I paid $600 for my 60gb PS3. Sure the PS3 may be a little pricey but it is still selling ok. $399 is a lot for some people to be spending right now but I think dropping the price of the console about $100 will help a great deal and it may hit Wii numbers at that point. Personally I want the price of the bluray movies to drop to $20 for new releases.

Aclay3520d ago

From the looks of it, Sony really isn't interested in profit share this generation, and is more focused on making the PS3 business profitable before even thinking about profit share again and to me that's the smart decision.

Regardless of how much longer the PS3 stays at $399, it's still going to sell and people still going to buy it.

Sure, the Xbox 360 will sell a little more per month, but considering it sold just a little over 300K in January with a $199 console on the market, it's not like the 360 is leaving the PS3 behind in the dust and outselling it 3:1 or anything consistently around the world. The PS3 is still hanging in there, even when it's cheapest price is $399.

If 21 Million+ PS3's were sold at $599, $499, and $399 prices, I can't even imagine how much more people would be getting a PS3 once it hits $299 and below.

But, sales aren't worrying me though, there's too many good games coming out this year to be bothered by such things.

Socomer 19793520d ago

ps3 will be more succesful than ps2. do you know why?


did ps2 have a online network that you buy stuff from? not really. not like how it is today.

and how are sales dissapointing? the most expensive console initially is selling 10 million a year.
even microsoft said the race for annual sales is who can sell 10 million first.

im a average guy and i know that. it feels so good to know that im smarter than you. ps3 does have a add-on too. its called the psp.