GDC: Unreal Engine 3 Demo

One of GDC's annual rituals is seeing the latest tech demo from Epic's Unreal Engine. Today the company held one of only two media demos for UE3 to a packed house of journalists. In an unusual move the company decided to start the demo by playing a game they didn't develop, the upcoming PC-Xbox 360 top down action game Monster Madness from developer Artifical Studios. The head of Artifical stated that they developed the PC-Xbox 360 version of the game in less than a year from start to finish (the game is due out in late April). Epic VP Mark Rein said he wanted to show how Unreal Engine 3 doesn't have to be used by a huge game with an expensive budget.

The next part of the demo showcased the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament. The demo showed a alien ship location with lots of shaders, holographic effects for things like holo-statues and more.

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