Warhammer Online Update 1.2 Goes Live on 3 March

The massive new patch for Warhammer Online, Update 1.2, is going live on 3 March.

New features in this patch include the two new careers, the Orc Choppa and the Dwarven Slayer, the live event 'Call to Arms: Bitter Rivals', which focuses on the ancient hatred between the Dwarf and the Orc races.

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Maticus3574d ago

That's a very quick turnaround, Blizzard could take notes!

Medievaldragon3574d ago

Call to Arms. Where have I heard that before. hmm.

Maticus3574d ago

Haha, good point. Not the most original name...

Dorjan3574d ago

Choppa!! Time to kill me some 'ummies!

Maticus3574d ago

GET TO DA... oh never mind.