Top 5 Wii accessory features we want

With Nintendo unveiling their new Classic Controller Pro, Nintendo Dpad thought it would be appropriate to actually give a list of the things they really want from Nintendo when it comes to Nintendo's limitless accessories.

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Product3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

I wish these features happened

The gamecube classic controller compatibility and wireless accessories are def. features i want.

Myst3524d ago

This is what I desire most out of all the rest. My controller pretty much died on me (It was a Mad Katz) so I was forced to classic controller for brawl, love it. Wish I could play F-Zero GX on it, I'm hoping that Nintendo will do some sort of update or at least give a work-around until then, but I'm starting to figure that it might not happen. I feel that the main problem is that the Classic Controller has to be placed within' the Wii Mote. Being that it does and the Gamecube games seems to not acknowledge this (If it does please someone tell me :)) then the Classic controller won't work either.

I'm thinking that maybe if Nintendo released a peripheral for the Classic controller to which it can be plugged into the gamecube controller slots it would work, maybe charge for it as much as the Motion plus will be? I don't know. I just hope that they will do it sometime soon :).

Product3524d ago

agreed i dont see why there couldnt be a firmware update for a gamecube fix

Myst3524d ago

I'm starting to wonder if Nintendo is waiting to see if their would be some sort of incentive to do such. Perhaps not enough people are crying out for an update and they may feel like they might not need to if not enough people ask for it. At least that's what I think is going on at the moment :/