Killzone 2 Drops Ship Tonight

Brush up on the story and get ready for the midnight launch of Killzone 2 with Gamingfront.nets video round up of the Killzone Saga thus far.

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omodis4203520d ago

Only 12 hours and 45mins left for me :) !!!!

jammy_703520d ago

its fantastic!!!

just getting used to the online....

done 3 missions on the campaign, its harder than COD, but better :)

UnwanteDreamz3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

If you didn't get a chance to play the first one and don't feel like playing a last gen game then check out the videos. I have been brushing up on the story line and I may pop it in when I get home just for sh*ts and giggles. Of course the timeline at the KZ site is better for an overall veiw of the conflict and history.

Ghoul3520d ago

playing this game for 2 days online and offline since 20.2

im convinced - killzone 2 is favorite shooter

Lifendz3520d ago

can't wait. KILLZONE!!!!!

Marceles3520d ago

I'm sure Killzone on Hard isn't as ridiculous as COD veteran

R_19933520d ago

Cod on veteran mode is beyond irritating. The enemy soldiers are always throwing random grenades at you, and kill you a couple of bullets. The amount of grenades thrown at you is immeasurable.

40cal3519d ago

I just got my copy, just waiting on my wife to go to bed before War Perfected!

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Goon 1873520d ago

Can't wait for this game, The beta was off the chain and the demo was great.

Press agree if you are buying this amazing game=)

WhittO3520d ago

Ye i got mine off today.

I thought when i played through the first mission - wow this looks great, so much stuff going on !!

Then when i got to the second, the level that the first in-game trailer for K2 was shown, its was just, :O, incredible.
The sky looks amazing, like actually thick clouds with amazing lighting and lightening effects, just jaw dropping!!

Its just a little downer that there are loading screens after each level, thought they would do a cutscene over it or something but owell, better a 10-15 sec loading screen every 30 min than a 5gb install haha.

Had ago on online and its gona take sum time to get used to, you get killed like rrealllyy quick (dont know if this changes as you level up and change classes etc) and takes a little to long to load for my liking (with the syncing players and actaul loading of the maps themselves). But seems great, cant wait to get stuck in !

Ducati3520d ago

Bought it yesterday, it's incredible!!!

dorron3520d ago

I played half the game this afternoon...It's an amazing experience !!!

Fakes3520d ago

The game is of the chain, man GOTY for me!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.