Forza dev says 360 can compete with Wii

NowGamer: Turn 10's Dan Greenwalt said that the 360 offers better value than Wii, and is capable of competing with Nintendo's console when it comes to casual gamers

"The casual crowd doesn't appear to be as brand loyal and opinionated as the hardcore crowd..."

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Queers of War3523d ago

"graphically...but it will be a tight race"

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Bnet3433523d ago

Zues Lee can't read either? How many things can a human fail at?

UnwanteDreamz3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

"The casual crowd doesn't appear to be as brand loyal and opinionated as the hardcore crowd..."

Captain Obvious strikes again....

casual gamer - Casual gamer is a loosely defined term used to describe a type of video game player whose time or interest in playing games is limited compared with a hardcore gamer.

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Ghoul3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

mindless assumptions without any real substance.

sure 360 has potential to beat the wii
but the ps3 has it too.

right now the nothing comes anywhere near what nintento achieved with the wii, people that never had or liked videogames all of a sudden bought a wii and some games.

sorry ms and sony but that train left 3 years ago

TOO PAWNED3523d ago

ONLY PS3 has potential to beat Wii. ONLY Playstation consoles were able to break 100 million barrier, something that Nintendo has yet to achive with console(not even gonna mention MS in that department).
360 has no chance to reach those numbers. They have no presence in Japan.
MS has no history behind them to back statement like this one. Makes no sense what this guy said, but on oother hand he works for MS.

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XxZxX3523d ago

PS3 currently doesn't. A $299 PS3 Vs $249 Wii will give Wii run for it's money.

Take note $199 XBOX 360 failed vs $249 Wii. But then again, it doesn't have Blu-Ray. So it will be a close fight when PS3 drop its price. Till then, No contest yet.

DelbertGrady3523d ago

Have you guys heard of the term 'affordance'? The iPod has lots of affordance. So does the Wii. That means people who aren't even interested in gaming to begin with will still want to get a Wii. Even though there are mp3 players that are much cheaper and better than the iPod people still line up to buy it.

The 360 and the PS3 does not have this kind of affordance, and they won't get it even if their prices go down.

XxZxX3523d ago

Soda Pop, But you are underestimating the brandname of of Sony and Sony PlayStation.

DelbertGrady3523d ago

Or maybe you are overestimating it? Who could have foreseen that the PS3 would be 7 million units behind the 360 by now before it's release? Either I am underestimating the Sony brand, or people are having a hard time accepting that Sony aren't what they used to be and the PS3 is not the PS2.

caladbolg7773523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

I agree with a lot of what you're saying, Soda. Except...

-Who could have foreseen that the PS3 would be 7 million units behind the 360 by now before it's release?-
Everyone? The PS3 was released a year after the 360. That's the sole reason that it's trailing in total units.

JokesOnYou3523d ago

Nobody's going to catch wii sales at least not while its revelant(before the next gen consoles are released) maybe when the wii2 arrives wii sales may dry up while ps3 or 360 sales keep growing but thats like beating Micheal Jordan when he played for the Wizards...yeah you can bragg about beating him in his retirement years but everybody knows MJ dominated in his prime with the Bulls and whipped your ass head to head when it counted.


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DelbertGrady3523d ago

He said, "The casual crowd doesn’t appear to be as brand loyal and opinionated as the hardcore crowd," Greenwalt told 360 magazine. "Casual players are looking for quick fun, accessibility, social interaction, and price. For those consumers, Microsoft offers a compelling value with a console offering that is less expensive than the Wii...[the 360 is] arguably better value as we offer a diverse library of games and experiences for all types of consumers."

Time_Is_On_My_Side3523d ago

What I find ironic with all those quotes the same can be said with the PlayStation 3 when compared to the XBOX 360 or Wii. Instead of a large library Sony would be saying we have quality over quantity in every aspect and delivering features/games competitors don't/can't have Little Big Planet, PlayStation Eye Games, and Blu-ray.

This is too funny.

DelbertGrady3523d ago

Of course. All of the consoles have different pros and cons, and therefore the companies also use different sales pitches.

The Lazy One3522d ago

"[Sony]offers a compelling value with a console offering that is LESS EXPENSIVE THAN THE WII"

You are wrong.

yoghurt3523d ago

I hope my comment doesn't seem to fanboyoish, but to me it looks (not just from this comments, but recent news) as if 360 feels it cant compete with the high end of console gaming, as in its hit it's 'peak' if you like, so its now going for cheap and cheerful...i.e. wii

Ok, hit me.

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