What I Hate About PC Gaming

Jimmy the Greek writes, "I'm no stranger to PC gamers though I am a bit of a stranger to PC gaming. I've never really understood the draw of PC gaming other than exclusive titles. Even the exclusive gangbusters don't merit purchasing a new computer every six months just to be able to enjoy the splendor of the latest addition in the epitome of nerd porn.

The gaming feudal system. Here's how the hierarchy goes in order of self perceived importance: PC gamers, Xbox 360/PS3 gamers, Wii, handhelds, last generation consoles, flash games, and finally specialty handhelds/plug and play games. As with all hierarchies shit always runs down hill and being a console gamer I'm sick of being shit on. "It's because the game was scaled back for the console versions that it wasn't as good as it could be." "It's because the developers took the additional time to program the console version that the game fell behind schedule."

I've made both remarks about the Wii, but hey, I'm higher on the chain of command. Concerning the first statement, maybe the game was shit to begin with? No matter how much money is thrown at the lofty goals, there isn't a decade's worth of time or enough programmers in India to include every single feature and make every graphic look better than reality. I suppose it's in true American tradition, if there's a flaw or shortcoming, it's always easiest to blame someone or something else.

For the second statement, the real current generation consoles are more powerful than the average home computer and with consoles you have to have the current generation to play the latest games, unless you still play on a PS2… peasant. So developers are making games for the average home computer, which happens to take the form of a console, in hopes of expanding their install base and in turn make more money. Excuse me all to hell, but that sounds dangerously like competent business planning. Also, being an Xboxer, I can point my finger at XNA and tell you to shove that lengthened development life cycle complaint firmly up your ass...."

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supercharger51503525d ago

I hate that PC gaming involves a PC! har har

bgrundman3525d ago

Without PC gaming, there would be no consoles.

supercharger51503525d ago

I'm speaking mac vs pc... not personal computing pc.

InfectedDK3525d ago

I havent played games on my PC for over 2 years since I got my PS3.

supercharger51503525d ago

I agree. We sit at computers all day long at work. Not many people want to go home and do the same thing they've done all day even if it is to play a game. :/

Major_Tom3525d ago

Well, just because you don't like PC gaming doesn't mean there aren't alot of people playing every day. I play on the PC every day because it offers accessibility to games that consoles don't provide, I still use my PS3 more than my PC though.

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CrAppleton3525d ago

I like the "what I hate about" articles.. bring me more hate for fanboys.. lol

squidyj3525d ago

How does stuff like this get written? I really don't understand.

fireflash383525d ago

I can't really take this post seriously. It seems the author is a diehard console gamer, and doesn't fully understand PC gaming.

I spent $1k on my first gaming PC, and 4 years later spent $500 upgrading it, and it will run every game that I own (UT3 is most recent, and L4D) on high settings, 60fps easily. As time progresses, you might have to turn down the settings slightly, but in no way does it make the game look much worse.

Part of the joy of being a PC gamer is the DLC. Not the content released by the devs, but the content developed by the users as mods or new levels, adding a whole new perspective to the games. For games such as Oblivion and Fallout3, mods themselves can change the game MASSIVELY.

The main downside to PC gaming? Portability. If you want portability, you sacrifice performance and longevity.

tda-danny3525d ago

PC games on minimal settings generally look better than the console versions anyways.

(Killzone 2 aside =P)

Tony P3525d ago

I guess that was funny. Hope no one takes it too literally.

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The story is too old to be commented.