EVE Online: Apocrypha Full Feature List

GamingShogun writes, "CCP has released the full list of features/improvements to be made in their upcoming Apocrypha expansion to space-MMO, EVE Online. The expansion is due out on March 10th along with a retail box release.

The Full List:
* Explore and dominate more than 2,400 solar systems that exist on the other side of unstable wormholes opening up throughout New Eden. New scanning mechanics allow you to find and explore them in the first truly uncharted space in EVE.
* Wormholes aren't the only thing to discover. Booster sites, archeological digs, hacking sites, gas clouds and salvaging sites are some of the surprises in store for those pilots skilled in scanning exploration.
* The Sleepers, a new NPC race, protect an ancient technology within the wormhole-space. They exhibit intelligence unlike any enemy yet found in new Eden, requiring pilots to react to their deadly, shifting tactics.
* Tech 3 strategic cruisers are the first ship class to arise from reverse engineered technology gleaned from wormhole space fueling their production. Their modular nature allows for a broad level of customization of both ship appearance and performance.
* The New Player Experience has been rebuilt from the ground up with improved tutorials and an easier introduction to possible 'career' paths. Rookie starship pilots will find it smoother than ever to become a force to be reckoned with in the limitless world of New Eden...(cont.)"

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