Horror Story: Wii, DS Release Schedule

Nintendo have just shot an email to letting us know what's coming out on the Wii and DS up to and including the northern summer. Metroid haters will be pleased to know it's nowhere to be seen.

April sees Super Paper Mario, May has Mario Party 8, June gets Big Brain Academy and Pokemon Battle Revolution and...that's it. The rest is mostly filler (read: ports or multiplatform cash-ins) and movie tie-ins. The DS? Pokemon Pearl & Diamond aside, it's just as bad...

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PS360WII4334d ago

Why does Nintendo get bashed for something every new console goes thru. I mean the PS3 is taking forever to get a library of good games and no one cares. 360 took 8 months or so after launch to get a library of good games. Yet everyone of these websites or reviewers only give Nintendo pratcally 2 days to get 20 awesome titles released a month. Give them a break! It's part of being a new console it takes time for good games to come.

ChickeyCantor4334d ago

its no use, i mean they are spoiled and want uber leed gfx and AI.......
i agree with you, but let them bash in the end they all will own a wii XD