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Official Word on Upcoming Home Spaces

TedTheDog writes:

"Apologies for the lateness of this message, ideally it would have been posted this morning but its just back from translation. There is an awful lot going on here and some of it is represented in this news update. Your questions are welcomed unless they're about this Xi thing you keep going on about.

So, lets run through this weeks changes before giving a little more detail on what is coming relatively soon to Home."

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Blademask3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

Why dont they just shut up until about a DAY before they release a home space?

"Music within Home
Playing your own music to others within Home is an extremely complex licensing issue that will take time to solve, if it is at all possible.
In the meantime we are investigating various ways of allowing you to play your own music to yourself. We are also talking to other 3rd parties about making their music available to you in various ways."

Blah blah blah...

Step 2. Sony Store
Step 3. Buy RIGHTS MANAGED MUSIC For your PS3 & PSP from Sony Store
Step 4. Play in Home

Step.A Offer larger Sony Music Catalog for users to choose from via a HOME(tm) Jukebox that features sony artists & past classic hits from different music genres.- FOR FREE

Why the hell is this so hard for these people? Sony owns rights to a ton of music, would they sue themselves?

InfectedDK3617d ago

"Why dont they just shut up until about a DAY before they release a home space? "

Because it is nice to know what is going on and what to expect?

Ghoul3617d ago

your continues ranting about everything sony related iis getting really boring.

Blademask3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

All of these features photo/video/audio sharing were features that have been featured since before the beta. The Uncharted space is the old one the North american home has already, and anyone that cares about HOME is told "Ok in the near future" .. its been that for a while. None of the 'coming soon' features from the private beta, made it to the open beta. And even in some cases, features were removed.

Its a generic blanket statement saying home will be good one day, but not today. Instead of looking forward to something, and have it never come out, i'd rather hear about it when there is some sort of time frame, else its just like the rest of homes features that haven't surfaced. Inherently Home will be great one day, but they could stop with a tiny bit of the false hope.

I personally enjoy home.

InfectedDK3617d ago

Let me cut this into pieces.
It is not false hope.
They are telling what they are working on at the moment.
Why should they keep it as a secret or a lie?
There is no timeframe because it is not a normal "home" they are building. It is something different that takes time and that they cannot estimate how long will take. Why should they give a timeframe and then have to release something they arent satisfied with because people will be upset if it doesnt release when it "should". They need the time it takes to INVENT this. If ya cant wait then it must be because it IS so good. And what makes it so good? That they have the time to do it. So wait untill its ready. It is free after all. Play some games. But I know it is hard to wait. We all want those features.

Blademask3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

All of this stuff has always been wip, these aren't new announcements. Like the way EA/Sony announced that space. Great, it was something to show off that people can actually see. They came out with it, showed it off.. and thats that. Looking forward to it. Its all understood it will be ready when its ready, but getting the hopes up of the community with every announcement is the lame thing that sony is doing, and they've been doing it since day 1 of the beta.

The open beta literally has less features than the private beta. The only reason home is enjoyable is because of the conversations you have with the people. Definitely not the features that they have been working on forever -- They can announce, and I'll be here next year saying the same thing when there is still none of the wip features that made it into home for some odd reason.

slayorofgods3617d ago

It is also coming along slowly. However, I'm glad to hear about the support that home is starting to recieve from 3rd party developers. I'm also glad that they are still trying to integrate music into home. So, I have to disagree because I like to be informed about what Sony plans to do with home.

DominusRebellis3617d ago

Why do people even care about home? I tried it for like 30 minutes and deleted it. It's pretty lame, in my opinion. I'd much rather talk with people in a real world or at least through a headset than in a virtual pathetic.

I can see why all these ugly videogame nerds want a virtual world to meet guys posing as girls, since they'd never even dream to speak with women in flesh due to their pasty skin, zitty face, obesity and squeaky voice(stereotype,of course); this would give them the opportunity to do so. It doesn't even give you a chance to actually "meet" people. I wonder how many geeks think they will meet a hot videogame girl on home who will want to get in their pants!?!

Home is nothing more than a sh~tty app for videogame nerds who don't get out enough, there I said what everyone already knows.

slayorofgods3617d ago

I'm sorry the girl you met on playstation home was actually a dude. If that happened to me I'd delete home and be pissed too.

thezuur3617d ago

and i do believe that Sony would sue itself in regards to music.

ActionBastard3617d ago

I really don't care to play my music for others. I just want to be able to be in my space and listen to and watch whatever is on my HDD (network preferred). If I invite friends over and they too can listen/watch, great. That's no different than the real world. Give me that and I'm happy.

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Pennywise3617d ago

Home in its current state is not too impressive... but what is impressive is the amount of support they are throwing at it.

Home in 1 year should be enough to impress anyone.

UnwanteDreamz3617d ago

Home is gonna be like that awkward chic down the street that fills out over the summer and gets hot all of a sudden.

3617d ago
slayorofgods3617d ago

I'm looking forward to EA's future plans such as playing poker on Home!

ape0073617d ago

guys I know some of you aren't happy with home's current state

just ake a look at all the possibilities,functionalities, integreations,spaces,varios game lunching sessions,lots of many games

all I can say is OH MY GOD


darthv723617d ago

let sony bring back the members only jackets to wear in home. Maybe even to the point of customizing them to match the club you belong to. Maybe add in alternative style bars and such seeing as there are lots of live users with no place to hang.

Ok, that last part was bad but still funny.

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