Indie Evil: Running Pixel Interview

GamesAreEvil writes, "Indie developer Running Pixel, is a multiplatform casual game developer founded in 2008 by well known executives and veterans from the mobile games industry. As a matter of fact, these guys are the same people who brought us Javart Games for mobile gamers. The core development team consists of three guys; Massimo Riera, Alfio Lo Castro and Benedetta Sciacca. While they have had some external co-workers, the majority of the material has been cranked out by these three."

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CrAppleton3523d ago

Awesome developer.. I'd like to meet more devs as cool as him

killyourfm3523d ago

This site's first published review and interview were from an indie developer. Awesome to see them getting back to their roots.

bgrundman3523d ago

yeah, it is good to see that they haven't forgotten about the little guys!

supercharger51503523d ago

I'd like to see more interviews like this. Indie or not. It's great to get a look into how these devs think.

CrAppleton3523d ago

I'd really like to as well.. I'm sure there will be more

supercharger51503523d ago

I find it awesome and encouraging when a company is willing to admit they're small, just a core group of people, but they are doing big things.

bgrundman3523d ago

Plus they are taking on the big guys on their own platform. Who knows, maybe one day this will be a full fledged XBLA game.

evadw3523d ago

I'm much more interested in what an indie dev has to say than some PR person, frankly.

Cool article.