Call of Duty: World at War "Makin" Daytime Map Now Available

"Along with the new Call of Duty: World at War map pack GPU mentioned in a story a while back, was also mentioned that the folks at Treyarch were re-making the map "Makin" to change the setting from night to day. The map is finally Live and available to download free on Xbox 360. GPU assumes it will hit for PS3 users when the PS Store updates later today as well."


Added patch notes for both the 360 and PS3 versions. You can now see what each patch includes. Also added mention that the new "Makin" has some new cover spots as well as the lighting.

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AuburnTiger3520d ago

They need to make another Nazi Zombie map

Bodidley3520d ago

WAW is so rubbish. COD4 all day long

Mr Tretton3520d ago

I still think COD4 is better, but WaW has dogs and tanks, and much cooler missle strikes.

likeaboss3023520d ago

WaW is a good game. I'm never going to pass on free content even if it's just a time change. With that said it's another WW2 game in a sea of what seems like thousands. I enjoy COD4 more but have a good time with WaW as well.

Deadly Cyclone3520d ago

As I mentioned in the story, I think making the "Asylum" map at night would be awesome. Wonder if Treyarch will do this for more maps.

ZombieNinjaPanda3520d ago

At least you guys can play Cod4!

I've been stuck on downloading game settings for days!

I've damn near given up now, might either sell or break the game.

Can anyone help? I want to get at least one more game in before killzone hits :/

MIKEY12233520d ago

i sometimes get that, try going to network settings and disabling the internet and then turning it on again(might take a few tries), and if that doesn't work reset your router or unplug your modem and plug it in again

ambientFLIER3519d ago

Clear your router and open the ports on your 350.

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