Sony's 'Home' sex haven in disguise (perhaps?)

Of course, sexy gamers are bound to have questions. Can avatars take their clothes off? (Probably not.) Will the system support user-generated content that animates sex, like pose balls? (I wouldn't bet on it.) But if MMOs and social networking have taught us anything, it's that people will always find a way to get it on.

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jpod4633d ago

the content will only be in other peoples "Home." so as long as you don't go in one, you're bound to be safe or hopefully there is a way to leave a "Home" you don't want to be in.

miasma4633d ago

this is just going to be another form of internet. I agree with jpod that it should be safe if you don't go in certain "homes". people will be putting explicit content and what not in their homes, and people WILL visit. it is the exact same thing as being on the internet, you'll be "safe" if you don't go to certain sites. i actually think this could potentially be worse, because it has a more "trojan horse" aspect to it for younger crowds. Let's face it, it is a game system, but now it has a "community" that is going to be an alternate internet.
i hate to say it, but it could be a great way for child abusers to interact with younger people. Not a good thought.

Keyser4632d ago

The perv's are going to be out in full force. It's going to be very difficult for Sony to enforce also without going into everyones home. Parents are going to really have to watch over what their kids are doing. This is no different than though.

jpod4632d ago

right now this is worse than myspace, but not by much. sony hasn't said anything about how they are gonna regulate it, unlike myspace where they won't allow some certain content. though like you said, it is pretty much like myspace. we'll have to wait and see what sony does.