"A New Experience In the Halo Universe"-Coming Soon From Microsoft Game Studios "A plethora of job postings at our beloved Gamasutra tell many Halo fans that Microsoft is currently looking out for lead Designer(s), executive producer(s), lead environment artist(s), technical art director(s), senior concept artist(s) , animation director(s) for their upcoming unannounced Halo game."

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822119863523d ago

but Halo got Killzowned this year....

100003523d ago

always a fanboy, that's all to that comment...

822119863523d ago

seem to be vociferously defending the game on all fronts, all we are saying is that the game is over and the franchise needs to lay to rest, the world does move on without a Halo for a lot of people...

Sanzee3523d ago

Who's making more money, Guerilla or Bungie?

Let's think about this.

Nice3523d ago

better looking game this time sans the teddy bears from Winnie the Pooh..

281219863523d ago

when they had the chance to, I am sort of sick of Halo coloring the Xbox all the time, new franchises would help a lot...

100003523d ago

the game was pretty good looking, at at least it was not overtly grey and dark all the time. That's what the problem is with most shooters these day and the gameplay mechanics werent weak either, sure the enemies looked funny but the A.I and other systems were rock solid..

Kushan3523d ago

They Killed off Lara Croft and that didn't stop her stinking up the scene every year or two.

Dark_Vendetta3523d ago

I know you don't like to hear this but I'd like a halo RPG. Got Halo wars today and I'm really loving the story.
Let's see what it turns out to be

silvacrest3523d ago

some things just dont make sense/dont seem right
a halo RPG would be one of them

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100003523d ago

that's like killing solid snake from Metal Gear Solid or Fenix from Gears of War or worse wiping Mario from the face of the planet...Its nice to see that a new team might be able to come with with new ideas that Bungie could not accommodate for...

Nice3523d ago

is always a tough option for developers and with a money guzzling franchise like Halo its even more tough, MGS at least sees the need to reinnovate the franchise which speaks volumes, only the first Halo felt different and distinct the rest two were cosmetic upgrades of the original and failed in the somewhat cohesive story the first one built up...

Bumpmapping3523d ago

This is why I prefer Sony.

822119863523d ago

of glory has passed, we need something new to take its place and at this moment we see Killzone 2 being there.

Kushan3523d ago

Microsoft announces a new game and you shout "This is why I prefer Sony."?
What does that even mean?

JokesOnYou3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

is always a good thing, except for the *haters, fortunately for the millions of us who *follow Halo news because we love Halo what you think about it will have no impact on our enjoyment of the next Halo title.


OlvaR3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

but if you don't like halo why the hell do you even care so much to post?...if you don't like halo why do you think that your opinion matters to those who love the halo franchise....either way the only thing i see is a fan boy. the same goes to everyone that actually don't like halo and post in every halo related news...sorry if i offend anyone but this ends up being so pathetic....

Nice3523d ago

people are going to talk and there is inevitably going to be a huge divide...I mean we are not exactly discussing the implications of a sub par franchise...

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