Talking About Games: Review: FEAR 2: Project Origin

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"That serves as the appropriate wrap-up for the rest of the game: FEAR 2 is a good game, great at its brightest moments – but it isn't going to dethrone Halo 3 on Xbox Live, or make you forget about games like Gears of War 2 and Left 4 Dead. It isn't as scary as Dead Space, and it isn't the most innovative game by any means. It is simply a good sequel to a great game that brings newer and fresher ideas to the series. FEAR 2 would have been trash if it didn't implement modern elements, and besides doing that, it actually tells an interesting story. I give it a lot of credit for creating a tense atmosphere with great use of sound and visuals, providing at least a handful of very interesting and exciting moments, and having smooth and comfortable shooter gameplay. I would definitely recommend it to any fan of FEAR, and even those who enjoyed Monolith's other pride and joy, Condemned. There are bigger and better things on the horizon – Resident Evil 5, for example – but FEAR 2 is a great way to keep horror fans busy until then."

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