EB Games - Killzone 2 Promotion?

NextGen Player writes:

"As NextGen Player continuously scours the internet to look for great gaming deals, we've recently come across news of a deal that may sound too good to be true. On Canadian deals website, there is a post in the Deals section of their forum stating quite a tempting deal on the purchase of the very soon to be released Killzone 2."

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DominusRebellis3547d ago

The deal is trade in one of


and get Killzone 2 for $9.99...there I saved ya the trouble

bassturd3547d ago

....that's a great deal.....

Too bad it isn't for where I am. I traded in CoD:WaW last week.

Rourker3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )


Prince of Persia
Call of Duty World at War
Fallout 3
Need for Speed Undercover

and get Killzone 2 for $9.99

thats it I believe, at least from what the website stated.

GT isn't part of it, I gues it could be but I haven't called, and the only game I have in that list is Little Big Planet and I don't want to get rid of it. plus I've already payed for Killzone 2. :P

solidt123547d ago

That's the best deal they have ever ran that I have seen.

HighDefinition3547d ago

and it`s true, the promotion starts tommorrow at 10am.

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squidyj3547d ago

Okay so.... 9.99 as opposed to 59.99 regular price for a savings of 50$

So I wonder how much a copy of PoP would be....

LeonSKennedy4Life3547d ago

1000 points on

You get a free game just for joining!

PS3Freak3547d ago

DDAMNIT! i havn't got the platinum for prince of persia yet. Looks like i have go get that last 25% soon.

solidt123547d ago

trade it in and get it out the bargain bin at a later date or rent it later.

PS3Freak3547d ago

Good idea, I do work at a rental store(free rentals). Killzone for $9.99 HERE I COME!

Anon19743547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

I've got Fallout 3, LBP and Prince of Persia but I'm not willing to part with any of those. LBP isn't going anywhere, Fallout 3 is a blast and I'm playing through it right now and I received POP for Christmas but haven't even popped it in yet. There's just too many games to play! I've hardly scratched the surface of GTA4 yet and I haven't touched my copies of Dead Space, POP or even Condemned 2 yet. Still playing Burnout and LBP and Warhawk is constantly sucking me back in and Killzone 2 is a day one purchase for me.

Dammit. Working is for chumps. I need more time.

catchnvampire3547d ago

Naive question. But did anyone get a chance to check if this offer is valid in GameStops in the US ?

SiLeNt KNighT3547d ago

i cant call right now but im wondering the same thing. if anybody can confirm this deal in the US...bubble+

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