Capcom: We're not going to just shit out Lost Planet 2 writes: "Capcom has offered some hot new details on the recently revealed Lost Planet 2, and insisted it won't "just shit out a sequel"."

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clinker3617d ago

Very unprofessional for them to say it like that, if true. Wouldn't be surprised if Capcom PR comes down on this website hard to take the story down.

Lich1203617d ago

Personally I like it. Makes them sound human. I don't like cookie cutter remarks so if devs start talking like actual people would then Im all for it.

Megaton3617d ago

Agreed with 1.1. I hate safe and boring corporate non-responses. How about saying it like an actual human being for once?

joemayo763617d ago

this aint a dev speakin this is a VP so sorry man it aint professional. And this makes them sound "more" human?? Don't you mean more like some mid-late teen who emphazise things by inserting obscenities (generalization i know), sorry but there are alot more ways to note emphasis than using such low-brow statements.

And no i'm not some "super-censor-everything prick"(again a generalization) but there IS a time and a place for everything man and if your in corporate u should know better especially if in a position like that. Although i'm pretty sure he said such a thing to appeal to such an audience.

on a side note: good job with SF4 capcom game ROCKS!!!

DrJones3616d ago

Your just completely wrong and don't seem to have properly understood life.

joemayo763616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

Normally i wouldn't bother responding to comments (be it good or bad) but really dead night tonight so w/e.

...well Dr.Jones to each their own i suppose.

But care to elaborate on your comment as i'm guessing i struck a nerve with you with what i said, resulting in myself having "not understood life" as if my life is at or near its end. :\

I think you don't understand what im was getting at....regardless of how great life may be w/o all the many pointless formalities we must take a part of (in the workplace, school etc.) the truth is they're (well most of them) are there for a reason. Look i'm not saying conform to the status quo, or to start a revolution. I'm was strictly sayin that as society is right now that is unaceptable for an exec.

But hey you wanna talk sociology and semantics then i'm all for it buddy, just make sure to leave the insults at the door as im not interested in some, "flame war." Or atleast provide some foundation for your opinion.


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McMee3617d ago

Well thats certainly good news

VeRKK3617d ago

besides perhaps a nice co-op experience,i dont really think it will feature anything interesting to the western audience ,just like the first one didnt..

ThanatosDMC3617d ago

The first game's story was really lame. But the action was great. Sometimes you dont even know why you're doing the errand work.

There's one scene were you collapse and stay unconscious for a while (not the whole you were out cold for years the one after that)... then when you wake up, you volunteer to do something dangerous as if nothing happened to your body.

The main thing that i liked about the game is the use of Mechs. Also, to be able to take one down as an infantry unit was awesome. Funny how they didnt have helicopters on the first game.

pwnsause3617d ago

But sh!t out is what they did to RE5 with those last gen controls...

Godmars2903617d ago

This after saying DMC4 was exclusive, then it turns out that the game was 360 build.

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The story is too old to be commented.