Xbox 360 Devkit Spotted at MadWorld Developer writes:

"Here is an interesting bit of information sure to add fuel to the belief that Sega is planning an Xbox 360 version of Madworld: A recent video tour of developer Platinum Games' studio reveals an Xbox 360 dev kit in full view of the camera. You can see the device, with its telltale extra height, sitting to the right of the designer's monitor at the beginning of the video below. Why would the lead animation designer for Madworld Wii need an Xbox 360 development kit so close to his workstation, unless…"

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clinker3524d ago

Haha good find. I am so sure this game is coming to the 360. Sega just doesn't want to hurt its sales on the Wii by announcing it too soon.

badz1493524d ago

remember last year when there was a video showing Hideo Kojima's office and there was a 360 dev kit in that office? people started to speculate that MGS4 is coming to 360 but we know that it's not happening! SEGA and KONAMI are 3rd parties! it's not unnatural for them to have all the dev kits for all consoles!

Voiceofreason3524d ago

Dont know much about gaming do you? If so you'd know Platinum games is making a 360/PS3 game and it isnt Mad World.. Got all excited thinking you found out a big secret and it was just based off of your lack of knowledge of the developer..

Nice to see though how many people completely trash the game feel it will be a AAA must own the second it goes to another console. Guess we now know how you really feel about the game and just cant admit it because it is on Wii.

Nicolator3524d ago

article.. platinum games are working on..BAYONETTA have they forgotten all so soon and its on the ps3 and xbox360 so y wont there be a devkit sitting there..? stupid stupid article..

Smacktard3524d ago

@ OP

That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Why would a company be concerned about hurting sales of their game on a particular console that they do not even OWN by producing the same game for another console?

There is no logic to this reasoning. What a stupid comment.

Ghoul3524d ago

guess what

devs i worked with normally have all devkits at work wii/360/ps3
as soon as your a registered dev you get a devunit (not free) and have it no location.

some people are still so delusional they really think a dev only works on one game at a time.

guess what its 3+ most get scraped dont make it into prototype or get pitched over years trying to get a publisher.

3524d ago
clinker3524d ago

Here's why the developer would not want to hurt sales of the game on Wii by announcing it as multiplatform.

If they tell everyone they have been planning to release it on the Xbox 360 all along, then those hardcore gamers who were interested will just wait for the inevitable xbox 360 version.

They don't want to hurt THEIR OWN Sales of the Wii version, hoping to sell twice as many copies when they finally put it on next-gen consoles.

Smacktard3524d ago

I don't think anyone would buy the Wii verison of Mad World and then the Xbox version. What would be the point? The art direction of the game wouldn't mean better graphics. The control style is unique to the game. Whatever...

SinnedNogara3524d ago

Hey, Platinum is working on Bayonetta, a game on the PS3 and 360!! They are probably working on that since MadWorld is finished!! Have some sense!!

Tony P3524d ago

Clinker's about the only person here who immediately bought into the article's speculative bull. Doesn't seem like anyone else did at the time of my posting. Or they just read the earlier comments.

Either way, that's an improvement over the N4G I'm used to dealing with so congrats!

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Sonyslave33524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

omg madworld on the 360 it gonna be awesome baby but aren't they making a game called Bayonetta for 360/ps3

Voiceofreason3524d ago

It wil lbe great on the Wii. Never see it on 360. The only reason they have those dev kits is because they are making a PS3/360 game. This is just a case of some random fanboy getting excited over nothing.

clinker3524d ago

Madworld is going to sell so badly on the Wii that they are going to release an Xbox 360 version just to recoup their investment.

This is such a no brainer I can't believe people still think the game is Wii exclusive. I mean, a game where you can cut of someone's head and then throw their corpse in a dumpster. On the Wii. No
parent is going to buy this for their kid.

ChaoticStupid3524d ago

Why would that matter? Wii is used by more adults than kids.

PS360WII3524d ago

Oh wow people are just trying way to hard. Lets see Platinum games should also have a PS3 dev kit there as well seeing that they are making Bayonetta on the PS3/360. Oh they are also making Infinite Space on the DS.

Product3524d ago

Wow a third party developer with a ps3 and xbox at their place of work? No way, that never happens.

DrRage773524d ago

i would hope this is true, but realistically, he probably has the xbox there cause maybe him and a couple guys like to tool around during their lunch hours on something other than a wii....just my 2 cents...

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