Full Demo Run of HOME (21minutes)

Here is the GDC presentation by Phil Harrison showing off the functionality of the new PS3 social network, HOME.

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TheGoodMART4642d ago (Edited 4641d ago )

Thanks a lot! Are there any other videos of Phil from the GDC?
Update: full 1 hour Keynote Video Here!

rjkc4641d ago

gamespot has the full keynote

Keyser4641d ago

Good find deepbrown!! Played okay for me. Sound went out a couple times but only briefly. Wow is not the word...I'm not sure what is...

TheGoodMART4642d ago

I did not recognize you with the new icon! lol

techie4642d ago

ALright there! I haven't got anything else yet I'm afraid. Catch ya laterz

Creepa at GameManx4642d ago

somtin is wrong with the player it stops half way

lrsndesign4642d ago

Mine stops too, i dont get it

techie4642d ago (Edited 4642d ago )

Hm. Hopefully it will be fixed.

TheGoodMART4642d ago

to bad i really want to know more

Siesser4642d ago

LittleBigPlanet does the same thing, but it at least has an option to download the file as well, which I've started.

Xi4642d ago

Isn't this just like second life? Don't people see the potential pitfalls in something like this?
Malicious software
pre pubesent teens
down time
ingame advertising
more hoops to jump through just to play a game with some friends.

what's so great?

techie4642d ago

Well I think we'll have to wait until the Beta where they can see what works and what doesn't and iron everything out. That's what a beta is for right? Also you don't have to use game. They are making changes to their normal online service too, so you can just use online in game etc.

Xi4642d ago

I get it so they created a giant chatroom called home? now what's so special about it? I just see all these people go crazy over it, yeah it's cool but why is it that you're going crazy about it? I thought the ps3 was for games, not so that you stay in your house all day, going to virtual theaters and bars, spending virtual money and vitrual items. What happen if they end up scrapping it?

lilwingman4642d ago

As far as I'm concerned - as long as they aren't too distracting - if a few in-game advertisements keep me from having to pay, I don't mind at all.

techie4642d ago

Look you set up your home. You buy can add stuff to your home. You can get some mates round and go into a coop game if you like. It'll all be integrated into can go in by pressing the home button, or go out for something more simple. It's about games and movies and entertainment. Shall we wait til April? Not too long...

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