Capcom: 'Clarity coming' to Lost Planet 2 confusion writes: "Capcom has commented on the confusion surrounding what platforms the recently announced Lost Planet 2 will be released on, saying "clarity will come over the coming months"."

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Chris3993520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

I think everyone knows that it will come to the PS3/ PC eventually. This generation seems to be all about the 'timed' exclusive.

And the strategy works for the most part. Once a game has already been out on a platform the initial buzz surrounding it's release collapses.

Honestly, owning all 3 systems, I wish it would stay exclusive as most third-party software tends to suck. (And please don't rhyme off any massive lists of third party software. When you're spreading resources across 3 instead of 1 platform there is, more often than not, a noticeable difference in quality - Dead Space being the exception, not the rule.)

TheHater3520d ago

I am just curious. Do Playstation 3 fan really care about Lost Planet 2 over the other great multi-platform games that will be coming out this year on the PS3, excluding exclusives?

anh_duong3520d ago

it is quite clear capcom wants ms to stump up some cash for some form of exclusivity...

Pennywise3520d ago

TheHater - I dont, only because LP1 was crap IMO.

If they release a demo and the game feels better, I might give it a look. Otherwise it doesnt matter to me.

thereapersson3520d ago

Yet on the same token, people were allowed to bash Killzone 2 because the first Killzone was really "just average". I got attacked in a previous thread over stating this same opinion.

I am going to reserve judgment on the sequel until I find out more info, as should everyone else. However, I didn't really care much for the first game's overall delivery. You could tell it had some great ideas, but execution fell short of its goal.

Still, I'd rate the first LP a 7/10.

cereal_killa3520d ago

Well said reapers to many fanboys (and I'm not calling anyone here's comments fanboys) live in the past when bashing anything. PS3 has no games, KZ2 will suck because of how KZ1 was etc. etc. people need to wait till something playable shows up (maybe E3) that you can get a chance to see for ourselves b4 you pass judgment. KZ2 is proof of this.

ActionBastard3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

I think the "exclusive" reveal was on the 360 for two reasons:

1)Gaming devs are competitive to a certain degree. When you look at the engines being built by Sony 1st parties (compared to 3rd party non-UE3 games), they just don't stand up. Sure they look good, some even great, but still not AS good. Capcom wanted to show off MT Framework 2.0 more than LP2.

2)It wouldn't have been that impressive an announcement on PS3, in lieu of the exclusives they've already announced/shown. Essentially, more bang. You announce LP2 on the 360 first with the new engine, because frankly, they need it more.

bassturd3520d ago


I care....I liked Lost Planet MP a lot. I had it on 360 tho so I dunno what the PS3 version was like. Tho I want LP2 for PS3.

Wolverick3520d ago

Think you've nailed it. That sounds like the most logical reasons to announce over xbox live. Microsoft needed something big from xbox to be announced and this was a good opportunity even if it is a multiplatform game.

Mikerra173520d ago

the reason why they have not releaesed information is because they are most likely in contract negotiations.

4Sh0w3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Well I think people see what they want to see, seems like most of the above conclusions are based on personal opinion or emotion. To me the simple answer for a multiplatform developer to hold back on announcing a game for the ps3 means that they are still involved in negoitiations with microsoft for a exclusitivity deal, if microsoft pays their asking price it will be exclusive, if they don't it will be announced for the ps3 at a later date. We can all of course speculate but just observing the trends of this gen its pretty clear the reason for this.

callahan093520d ago

I'm confused as what you're implying. Are you saying that 3rd party non-UE3 engines don't stand up to first party Sony engines for the PS3? Or the other way around? Because I haven't seen many third-party PS3 engines that stand up to Killzone 2 or Uncharted.

ActionBastard3520d ago

Yes, I'm saying 3rd party, non-UE3 engines don't stack up against Sony 1st party engines. With the two examples you gave, KZ2 and Uncharted 2, both of those look better than Lost Planet 2, imo. So what position does that put Capcom in? Show off their new engine on the PS3 too, where the bar is still higher than they (Capcom) can reach (doing multiplatform development)?

Aquanox3520d ago

I smell some kind of exclusivity. =)

pumpkinpunker3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Capcom probably didn't expect such a level of desperation from the Sony fanboys so they're playing it up right now. They probably assumed people would just figure it out: announcing the game exclusively on Xbox live, listing it as Xbox only in Famitsu with an attached interview with the game's creator, releasing this official announcement on that same day:

"Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced that Lost Planet 2 is being developed for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, following an exclusive announcement on Xbox LIVE that happened Monday, February 23,”.

Of course, they will keep the wording a little ambiguous in case Sony wants to pay them some money to release it on the PS3. They have to protect their butts somehow. Capcom needs money right now and porting the game at this stage in development would only delay it even further and cost more money. Besides, the original sold great on the 360 and badly on the PS3.

Sony fanboys should buy more games and post less on N4G.

mugoldeneagle033520d ago

And when Lost Planet debuted on the 360,I really wanted to play it. Then the port came and...

Let's just say I don't care about Lost Planet 2.

ps3d03519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

chris I think a better translation would be that "we're still pissed off at sony for telling us are 2D games suck and they dont want them"

Its funny how many ps3 fanboy say they dont care yet they cared enough to read the article and post a comment.

barom3519d ago

I'd care. I would like to have the game on my PS3. Though with all the other great games coming, it would probably get overshadowed (for me personally at least). But I would still like to have Lost Planet 2 on PS3.

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Gaystation 33520d ago

With crap like God of War 3 and Heavy Rain on the way. I'd want Lost Planet 2 as well.

xlx-russ_923520d ago

u should just shut up TheMart At Xretards.

Mwaan3520d ago

But Heavy Rain isn't even a game. Lost Planet 2 will probably be a timed exclusive with a exclusive demo and exclusive downloadable content, etc. PS3 version will be a bad port with framerate problems. Capcom should just make it a full 360 exclusive.

BYE3520d ago

You only know 2 exclusive titles for the PS3? You must have been asleep for the past three months.

Bumpmapping3520d ago

Maybe 360 getting a special verison....Capcom is confusing SOB!

TheMART3520d ago

SOunds like it'll be a timed exclusive then.

thereapersson3520d ago

Yeah, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they went that route.

xaviertooth3520d ago

oh, just make it exclusive! i don't fvcking care!

with all the amazing ps3 games coming, this game will not catch the attention of the majority of the ps3 owners. Just keep it exclusive! Capcom is now losing my respect for them. they fvcked-up on my favorite RE series. it's no longer the same RE i've loved!

and besides, its the 360 that need games now.

bujasem_893520d ago

would u just shut the F*C*
K up what about DEVIL MAY CRY we had it exclusive on playstation for 1,2 and 3 somehow u got 4 and resident evil is the same too and now ur crying over one game???WTF!!! i mean its good but i bet not one person c's it as epic its just another game for passing time sh8t man i really got pissed when MS got DMC thay said the reason was cause camcom was goin multi wee if thts true then were definitly gettin this even though we dont need it XP and stupid billgates is prepaired to lose huge losses just to win he's like a stupid 12 year old with endless money XD IDIOT

jay23520d ago

It's a timed exclusive for some F'ed up reason.......