Dead Space Horror: Interview with Dead Space director Glen Schofield

Dead Space Horror writes: Recently we had a chance to interview the director of Dead Space to ask him a few questions about his terrifying game and others to come, namely Dead Space Extraction and Dead Space 2.

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Jerk1203616d ago

Glen Schofield Q&A.

Q : Will Dead Space 2 be superior on the Xbox360?

A : Damn right it will.

ThanatosDMC3616d ago

I really dont mind co-op on Dead Space as long as they can keep the scare level alive. I just hope it's not game over when your buddy dies. It'd be great for his corpse to come back alive and kill me.

DaMa3615d ago

Hm, My biggest concern is that its on-rails. If done well it can be cool though. I am happy that the graphics apparently are really good.

Mahr3616d ago

"I started as an artist. My first degree is in art and I've been drawing and painting my whole life. Believe it or not my first game was "Barbie Gamegirl". They all thought it would be funny to give the new guy a Barbie game. Joke was on them-the game sold like crazy and I became the art director."

And people act like nothing good ever comes out of those kinds of games.