Full Demo Run of LittleBigPlanet (18minutes) know you can't get enough of this little charmer, so here's the Full Demo Run of LittleBigPlanet.

The footage includes an introduction by Phil Harrison and the games creators, Media Molecule, as well as the live explanation of its functionality to create your own levels. Sackman's so cute! Enjoy.

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ben hates you4244d ago

will people be willing to take the time

is it going to be fun

will people use it


techie4244d ago

Ahhhh I'd be obsessed with this game dude! Just make my own little levels and get my mum and friends to have a go through it. It looks cool. And if you cant be bothered to make one, just go on someone elses.

Siesser4244d ago

There's always someone willing. The people who devote hours making stellar AMVs. The people who create homemade games for LIVE. There will be someone out there making levels, you can be sure.

Torch4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

not because of the game itself (frankly I don't have time to spend hours on creating/editing levels. However, as Kevmac83 stated, there will definitely be no shortage of users for that.)

What's actually got me buzzing is that what I just saw was CGI animated in real time - with physics to boot!!! It may not sound like much on the surface, but just think about it for a second. The quality of the video was easily comparable to a full-length feature CGI film, such as Toy Story. I can't recall the figures off-hand, but I remember that to render a single frame (there are 24 frames-per-second in a cinematic film) in Toy Story took MASSIVE network-rendered computer processing power, and A LOT of time (hours for a single frame, if I recall). A relatively simple two-minute animation I produced a while ago using 3DS Max took over TWO FULL DAYS to process (granted it was a single PIII-700, but still!)

I'm stunned, to say the least. This little tidbit demonstrates the absolutely monsterous processing power that the cell processor must have.

...I'm going to go cuddle my PS3, and whisper sweet nothings into its air-intake vent now.

BIadestarX4244d ago

This can be great for kids if they learn the controls. Would I spend hours doing this instead of a game? Don't get me wrong this is great, graphics and physics.

CaliGamer4243d ago

You have never played the game yet your already bashing the thing as being for kids, what gives? You know nothing of what's in store so I don't know how you can comment with any level of certainty about what your enjoyment level of the game might be. Have you ever heard an old saying, Don't judge a book by its cover? LOOK IT UP.......

techie4243d ago

Were there any kids playing it? I think Phil was having a ball!

BIadestarX4242d ago

You think I am bashing the game/thing?
I'm not. ok, tell me more about this game/thing? Story line? purpose of the game? So far the sole purpose of this game/thing is to take pieces and for things with. You know what this reminds me of? Those legos or pieces that are made for "kids" so they can learn to be creative. Do you play with those and then scream, "Mamy look what I made"?

darkdoom30004117d ago

You always bash anything ps3, but justify it...

so sad, it makes be become ashamed that im a Avatar(cartoon serise) fan whenever looking at your 'avatar'(pic)..

Its an awesome game, its innovative, like something the Wii would have, creating your own levels, and thoes amazing physics, ans the splendid graphics! theres gotta be a storyline...also you dont only create stuff,
PLAY: you go play various levels, like any platformer.
CREATE: make your own paradise!
SHARE: im guessing sharing your paradises with other players over the PSN?

sure you will get bored of it, but you will get bored of all games when you play them enough.. and when you have nothing to do you can start up your PS3 and create cool levels, go draw mostaches on your friends pictues and what not, and you can do it with someone.

go Ps3

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