A good idea, to a point: Fines for selling M-rated games to minors

Cnet writes: "Jack Thompson, the former lawyer who made a name for himself by speaking out against video game violence, is at it again. Thompson co-authored a bill in the Utah legislature with Rep. Mike Morley that would fine video game retailers a whopping $2,000 each time they sold an M-rated game to a minor. The bill hasn't passed just yet, but the state's Business and Labor Committee voted 10-3 to keep it alive and it's quickly making its rounds in the Legislature."

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Expy3519d ago

Good luck proving it.

DominusRebellis3519d ago

If only they did this before Call of Duty 4 was released, that would have spared us from those annoying pre-teens who swear thinking they're hardcore sh!t

Alcohog3519d ago

I've been saying this for years. Its what they should be doing. Its the same thing as if you sell alcohol, porn, etc to a minor. The fact that there is no legal recourse is what makes the ESRB a laughing stock.

Heldrasil3519d ago

The only way that "laws" and "rules" will be taken seriously is to promise repercussion for breaking them, other than that they are just "guide lines".

Jacobite3519d ago

Im not sure about this, Jack Thompson get his way I'll have to get up off my ass and purchase these games for my son, lol no rest for me then. lmao

castdreams3519d ago

Age limit on buying mature games > Feds regulating game content.

ssipmraw3519d ago

australia has this in place already