GDC 07: Castle Crashers hands on

Xbox360fanboy have a hands on preview of Castle Crashers

"The action is fast and fluid. Of course, this is The Behemoth, so old school difficulty definitely creeps into the game. After finishing off the forest level, we entered a wooden building. It isn't long before a massive black beast appears on the left side of the screen. Our four knights mounted 4 deer (of all things) and began to ride as fast as possible. Once you begin riding, you must alternately jump over logs in your path and squeeze through doorways. Failing in either case results in the beast catching you and putting you in a world of hurt. Tom Fulp fell victim to the beast (as did I) and noted that it's really hard not to die after making one mistake. Did you hear that? Even the developers acknowledge the difficulty!"

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gogators4632d ago

a release date. One of just a handful of xbla games to look forward to.

DC RID3R4632d ago

i've been patiently waiting for cc too!