Be Gay On Xbox Live

Negative Gamer writes:

"Be Gay On Xbox Live!

Inspired by a reddit post, I think it would be a fun experiment. Go into your Bio and call yourself "Gay" (or any other LGBTQ related term). Go on! Microsoft have taken the stance that if you think that a large part of your personality, or a part you wish to share with people, is your sexuality then they don't want you on their services."

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pwnsause3574d ago

i guess that sums up the people who owns a 360....

Eiffel3573d ago

Nah no one who is straight owns a PS3. Must be why I can never find someone who owns one.

See anyone can be a fanboy.

pwnsause3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

hey, dont blame me for it, blame the guys who made the article, they are saying that you and your group are gay. besides you have to be proud of what you are, so be proud. and BTW when you should be able to spot the PS crowd somewhere in your neighborhood when there are 21 million of us as of October 2008. unless you have been having buttsecks with your "Xbutt" buddies under a rock, get it, "Xbutt"?

Eiffel3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

I can see why 51 people ignored you. Your EX's I presume? I'm sure they still love you deep down. Only gay love like yours could suffice for your secret hate.

I guess its easy to see who would be dominant in your gay sex shrine amongst your 21 millions lovers am I right? Sony Slave? Get it? "Sony Slave"?

Anyway I'll get back to Gaming while you have pure gay orgy's on Home with the rest of your pedo pales.

pwnsause3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

you mean 51 Xbutts ignored me :) now go have fun with your Xbutts, move along... BTW, this is the open zone, anything goes, anything you read in this zone should be taken as a grain of salt. If you believe any of the fud I have been stating, then you dont belong here.

ambientFLIER3573d ago

"i guess that sums up the people who owns a 360."

Yep, that sounds right. Staright people only on live. Gays go on PSN and join the Gay Allegiance in Home.

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MrJack3574d ago

And bring some pictures :P

UnwanteDreamz3573d ago

Listen to Jack you can even call yourself Gay McGayerson and we will play games game wit cha.

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mrkeith3573d ago

good im glad microsoft is doing that. why would you even put crap like that i on your bio?

UnwanteDreamz3573d ago

Well what an interesting question. I researched this for you and found out that bio is short for biography. Futher research into the term biography came up with this definition: A person's life story, especially one published. It seems this section (the bio section) is for telling people about yourself.......go figure.

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