Punchout Wii release date finally confirmed: coming May 19th: Article with bonus Punch Out retrospective

Punch Out!! Wii is now set to release May 19th. While waggle support is an absolute must for this game, we can only hope that some classic bruisers return for this long-awaited sequel. While some are obvious, like Glass Joe and Von Kaiser who are shown in the picture, we can only hope that some of the more iconic ones will return. (I'm looking at you Narcis Prince).

Hit the jump for an ode to Punch Out!!

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FinalomegaS3525d ago

I remember back in the days... memories..

Fullish3525d ago

I hope the bosses are equally hard as the originals.

Syko3525d ago

Damn I just sold my Wii about a month ago...This was one game I was looking forward to playing.

chrisjc3525d ago

Man. Writing about those bosses makes me want to go back and play the originals right away....Reserving this game as soon as possible!

Product3525d ago

Finally a release date for this the series.

PS360WII3525d ago

Awesome stuff. Will get this game no doubt! :)

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The story is too old to be commented.