Warhawk Command Center goes live in PlayStation Home today

Chris Morell on US PLaystation.Blog writes:

"A couple days ago I visited with Incognito studio director Dylan Jobe (you know him well) about the Warhawk space that launches today in PlayStation Home. Dylan was nice enough to walk us through the Warhawk Command Center, and specifically through the Sand Table where you can lay out strategies for all Warhawk maps. It's all really slick, and Dylan goes into some great detail about how it all works.

Also, starting today you can purchase Warhawk for $19.99 on the PlayStation Store (that's $10 off!) for two weeks, ending on March 11. Individual Warhawk Booster packs are dropping down to $4.99, and the Booster Combo (all three individual Booster packs) drops to $9.99. But remember, the special Warhawk pricing ends on March 11, so be quick about it!"

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jahcure3523d ago

this is one of the coolest things i've seen on any console...ever. Sony are really pumping HOME up!

Johnny Rotten3523d ago

they don't really say if you can invite people into a private sandtable or of it's just public?

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