First Killzone 2 patch announced

PS3-Sense writes "Seb Downie just announced the first patch for Killzone 2, which will be going live today. The patch will be fixing the '-931' error which is sometimes displayed while your going online."



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Fishy Fingers3520d ago

Cool. I didnt know some where having problems but the last thing I would of wanted tomorrow night is to not be able to play online after 4 years of waiting :)

M4GN3T3520d ago

The error does not display always, some people even never saw the -931 while others keep getting it.

Fishy Fingers3520d ago

Either way, better safe than sorry, plus, great for those having the problem.

Quick fix though considering the servers only went live yesterday, must of been something simple.

table3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

i got the game in the post today(1 day early for the UK) and it comes up with that error when i try to go online. i'm pleased they are fixing this quickly though.

btw, the game is incredible!

MisterNiwa3520d ago


callahan093519d ago

These sort of problems are the very reason I never play a new game online first. I take my time through the campaign then jump into the online. Just the way I am I guess.

3519d ago
Gray23519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

How does PSN suck if they are quick to respond to issues? Learn what ur talking about fool
Oh yeah, and would you like to explain how playable Gears of War 2 on xbox live is? Oh right, its not

Traveler3519d ago

Yeah, it's nice to see Guerrilla is fixing the problem so fast.

Can't say the same for another certain TPS game I bought for my 360...

PSN is great and works just as good as LIVE. LIVE just has a couple more features.

Cicinho3519d ago

I kept getting the error but the devs announced the patch was out on the ps3 forum and it worked after that. I didn't even need to download or install anything, just went back to online and it worked.

callahan093519d ago

@Beware Oblivion, the game is not even out yet, and this patch will supposedly fix the issues. Most games these days seem to have launch patches. As soon you buy the game on day one, you put in the disc and it asks you to update it. I can't even remember the last game that didn't ask me to do this. But that's besides the point, maybe I'm just playing the wrong games. What I do know is that your argument that if it were on Xbox Live it wouldn't have any issues is without merit. What about Gears of War 2? That game didn't even get it's patch to make it work by launch, it had quite a ways before they patched it, and even then it didn't make it anywhere close to perfect. That's just one example. Both PSN and Xbox Live have launched their fair share of games that needed patching before they worked well.

gamesmaster3519d ago

beware oblivion = ingnore

b777conehead3519d ago

hey beware oblivion
this world is far from perfect especially when it comes to servers software and hardware talking to each other. but at least they saw the problem solved the problem fixed the problem . what is wrong with that nothing. if it takes a patch it takes a are nothing but a blind 360 fan boy. and a hypocrite also complaining about ps3 patches when you do not complain to Microsoft about the rrod.

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Mr PS33520d ago

But wont have any time to play it today
Because Off to Metallica tonight at the MEN

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Postman is a Lazy G!T tho!!! ;-D 1st Post at 1.30PM'ish??? :-/
Anyway watched the intro...WOW!!! AMAZING IT WAS...
Have to play it later tho :-( Due to having to do a few things.
Got the Ltd Metal Box Version to ;-P IT'S A SEXY erm Box!!! ;-D
I'll play the Main game 1st, before i do any on-line games;)

nix3520d ago

for some freakish reason.. i wanna see how "ken" looks like in real

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3520d ago

+ Ignore the Advertisement before it(because it's that GTA4:L&D DLC today, how dare they!!!) ;-D

+ No one will EVER see who i really am, ever!!! ;-D

nix3519d ago

anyway... my guess is that you're some guy (i wont use the word 'kid') who's always high (happy/optimistic) in life. because your posts aren't negative and full of hate like others. oh.. well you know it better. lol.

anyway.. cheers for that.

add me mate if you want to though.

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Vip3r3520d ago

Good on GG for releasing a patch for a game that's not officially released yet.

Bren863520d ago

Well it is officially released.

Vip3r3520d ago

No actually it's officially released tomorrow on the 27th, this is the 26th.


Handsome_Devil3520d ago

I thought the 27th for UK and the USA..

the rest of EU is the 25th.

so I think it is officially released :)

Alcon3520d ago

It was released here in Europe the 25th, I allready played some SP and MP.
Today, I just tried to go online but had that 931 error. Hope they'll fix it as quickly as possible.

Gun_Senshi3520d ago

The world is NOT UK and US only.

Vip3r3520d ago

Europe got it before UK and USA!? Holy crap.

kazuma3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

next time, before jumping on other people, use google.

M4GN3T3519d ago

You can buy it in holland since 24 february, all shops broke the street date of 25 february lol

IdleLeeSiuLung3519d ago

"Good on GG for releasing a patch for a game that's not officially released yet. "

It is good that they are doing it so soon to fix a bug, bad that they had to patch day 0.

Vip3r3519d ago

My first post was aimed at the UK date.

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Ngai3520d ago

very good nice and fast patch! alot of developers could take a example from this!

Capt CHAOS3520d ago

But I think being a first party title, it'll be well supported, which is a great thing.

IdleLeeSiuLung3519d ago

It's a good thing they are patching a game so soon, it is a bad thing they needed to patch it so soon. 0-day patch!

Gun_Senshi3520d ago

I cannot play online. I was playing fine this morning, suddently I got kicked and Error 931. Now I keep getting it, cannot even log on.

Somtimes I log on and after 2 min I get error -931

nix3520d ago

yup.. i just couldn't log in today.. i gave up and played Skirmish. that's good news.. if it solves the problem.

kwyjibo3519d ago

Well played N4G, you've managed to give a guy 4 phantom disagrees for stating that he is experiencing the bug this patch is designed to fix.

Seriously, what the f-ck? Is it because he expressed some displeasure at your new messiah? He probably reads Edge. Idiot community.

DarK-SilV3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

why degree with Gun_Senshi,he is right, I basically stopped playing because you just can’t login ,as soon you’re in ,you’re out, there is another code error, something like 5045 and - 10

solidt123519d ago

You are complaining about a game that doesn't officially come out till tomorrow. Wait til tomorrow before you start wwiii

creeping judas3519d ago

Just a thought on N4G mentality for you. Gun was saying something negative about a PS3 game, never mind that Gun is ardent PS3 fan and was only telling people about his problems today. Just because it appears as being negative about the PS3 is why he got the disagrees.

and on topic, I've played brand spanking new XBOX games that have had a patch on the day it was released. <points at fable2>

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