Next-gen Prince of Persia NOT confirmed

A mysterious article popped up last Friday on OXM's UK Site, claiming that Ubisoft had quietly announced a next-gen sequel to its 3D re-imagining of the classic Prince of Persia franchise.

With OXM's article stirring up abundant rumors about a sequel in the works, IGN decided to contact Ubisoft directly for comment. An Ubisoft representative claimed that the company had "made no such announcement at this point." This statement casts some serious doubt on the original article, as it made it look like there had been some sort of official announcement out of Ubisoft.

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Violater4245d ago

If they are going to actually make another, which I doubt.
I think they should wait a while.
I see assassins creed taking over on that front for a while.

Rasputin20114245d ago

Assassins creed is going to steal with spotlight when its is on store shelves across the world.

Dreamworker4245d ago

is making the movie right now for 2008 release. i am sure the game comes with the movie next mai