Final Fantasy XI Hosts Annual Doll Festival

The Annual Doll Festival is well under way in Final Fantasy XI, in celebration of all the females that inhabit the world of Vana'Diel.

During this event players may decorate their homes with dolls and 'Bonbori' lanterns, crafted by the Mog House Maintenance Union's artisans.

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Leord3524d ago

Freeeeaky. Jesys Chrejst!

Maticus3524d ago

Creepy dolls if you ask me!

Leord3524d ago

Oh, new generation of Chucky! =D

AndyA3524d ago

Yup, strange looking stuff.

Dorjan3524d ago

You should see they characters in game... now thats freaky!!!

(once you eat a cake!)

Leord3524d ago

They are even worse?!

Fyzzu3524d ago

Aaaahahahaha I want one. In real life. It can sit on my desk and unnerve people.

I just get this horrible feeling I'd wake up at night and it'd be stuck to the ceiling, staring at me.

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