Xbox 360 Trash Talk Fun

Check out the following video of how you can put Datel's Trash Talk to some great use in a variety of games. It sounds like fun, but a real annoyance to other gamers. The creator of this video also said he was banned from 3 different servers.

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Rasputin20114267d ago

When it comes to this topic remember kiddies only in moderation.

Honeal2g4267d ago

i can understand how it could annoy people but i dont get it ...they showed it being used in Gears of War...yet your opponent never hears it unless u both are dead and/or the round is over...and in vegas u never here the what gives..pointless if u ask me.. banned from several servers???...what game are u playing...the only game u can get banned from that was displayed was Vegas...that smack talk garbage is a gimmick just like six axis and that wii nunchuck thingy....stick to controllers...and your own voice

joegibes4267d ago

I understand how that trash talk thing could get really annoying ingame... I mean, it's comparable to people spamming music or whatever -- annoying.

But I disagree with the Wii being a gimmick. Before judging it, try playing it... I own a Wii and I've played lost of PS3 (mainly NBA and MotorStorm though) and the motion control for both is nice.

REALZILLA4267d ago

My little cus, has not hit puberty yet and needs so help with that.

Keyser4267d ago

That was the worst trash talking I've ever heard. I've heard worse at Sunday school! If he got banned then someone's being overly sensitive. Those little 8 yr old phucks are worse on Halo2 with all their racism and fould language. They are far worse than this...