Killzone 2; the PS3 Attitude Review

From PS3 Attitude: "In what we hope will be the last Killzone 2 review you have to read, we're going to tell you everything you need to know about the game that was four years in the making.

So did Killzone 2 arrive just in time for the PlayStation 3, or has the hype train missed the station?"

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Brodiesan3522d ago

Good to hear about Alternative 2. I'm so used to the COD4 control mechanism that I was dreading having to learn a new set up.

What's everyone else using?

labaronx3522d ago

I cant wait until tonight to get killzone 2 and star ocean 4

Bathyj3522d ago

Standard 2 and I leave zoom on toggle so you click R3 to switch it on and off. I like shoot on the R2.

DolphGB3522d ago

I don't mind the standard 1 so much as some people, but Alt 2 is my fav...

LastDance3522d ago

Alt 2 is good but it gets awkward when you lean against a wall and try to aim and shoot.

DK_Kithuni_713522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

Took about 10 minuttes to get used to.

Got mine in the mail today and.. GODDAMIT, KILLZONE 2 REALLY IS THAT GOOD

See you online!

Parapraxis3522d ago

Alt 2 for MP only.
For the SP campaign Standard is best.
It's designed for the cover system.

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i can't wait to get home and try it. Alt 2, with a wired 360 pad.

i hope its as smooth as i think it will be.


lol,,, what was the disagree for exactly ?

you don't believe i am using a 360 pad on my ps3.

you don't think it will be smooth, or you don't agree that i can't wait to play it ?

DK_Kithuni_713522d ago

Good luck turning things with your 360 pad ;-)

Brodiesan3522d ago

I think people just see 360 controller and PS3 game and have some sort of paroxysm and disagree for the sake of it!

If you prefer the 360 controller to the PS3 then that's your call.

Though, as I think others have already mentioned, there are game mechanics (like opening doors) that require the PS3 controller's SixAxis feature so - I'm afraid you're out of luck for this one.



@ Brodiesan

thanks for the reply, your prob right.

i have noted what the guys below said about the gameplay not really working. i have not been following any real details on the game ( purly because i didn't want to spoil it for myself) but i have used the 360 pad with the demo and had no problems. of course this was just with the demo, so i didn't know all the other stuff it would be needed for.

its all good though... i didn't mean it as some kind of stupid attack.

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Sackdude3522d ago

This is how Review most be done, very informative for gamers...

with out any stupid score.

DolphGB3522d ago

We always do scoreless reviews at PS3 Attitude because we want you to be able to make buying decisions based on every word, not just the last two or three digits...

na2ru13522d ago

Any number with a range of 7-10 would fit a couple of random pros and cons. Any review pointing out less pros and more cons could easily choose any number they like based on their "OPINION" between 5-7

callahan093522d ago

I'm pretty sure you're going to need sixaxis in order to play through the entire game. 360 pad doesn't have sixaxis, so you're not going to be able to complete it with a 360 pad alone.

DARK WITNESS3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

humm, well i am not sure about that, one way or another i will find out tomorrow. i will see if its needed for the multiplayer.

DolphGB3522d ago

You won't get past level 1 without SixAxis my man...


thanks to both of you...

at least you have explained why i need the ps3 pads.

kind of a bummer, i do like the 360 pad more for shooters, but i can manage. i finished the demo twice with the ps3 pad and twice with my 360 pad. i am guessing the section of the game you are talking about is later on in the game.

anyway, bubble to both of you. will see you online.

Sin-CityGamer3522d ago I'm really itchin' to get my hands on this game... Never been so excited about a game in a long time... See ya'll online =)

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